I’ve wanted to give it a go for quite a while, but I always either forgot it or chose something else to watch instead. I’m glad that I finally got to watch it though, as it was such a nice movie!

A little girl was born from a fresh bamboo sprout, picked up and brought home by a bamboo collector, where his wife decides to adopt the little girl right away. She grows very fast, just like a bamboo, and they lovingly name her Princess. While collecting, the father sees the bamboo give him both gold and fine cloth, which he sees as a sign of the gods wanting more for the girl than he and his wife can offer her. This causes him to decide that it’s time for his little family to leave their poor house in the hills, and move to the capital. The princess isn’t too keen on leaving her friends and life behind, but the newfound luxury enchants her, and she even gets to learn how to be a proper lady.

It doesn’t take long for the girl to become an adult, after which she gains the name Kaguya. Seeing as her father is presenting her as a beautiful princess though, suitors start writing letters and showing up at the estate, hoping to marry the pretty girl. Kaguya on the other hand is not interested in any of them, so she sends them off with impossible tasks, in the hopes that they will not return to her again. 3 years go by, and as they start returning bearing false gifts and telling lies about their adventures, Kaguya realizes that this life isn’t for her, and she misses her old friends and simple life in the hills, wishing that she doesn’t have to be there anymore.

This wish is of course being heard, and time is running out for the poor girl, who finds out where she could have found real love and happiness on Earth…

Princess Kaguya is a beautiful story about finding yourself, and realizing that which brings you joy might not be gold and status. While her father is a representation of what she’s forcefully trying to be on the outside, her mother characterizes her inner and real self throughout the entire story. Kaguya is being loved by everyone, but that is exactly what is wrong in her life.

If you haven’t already, try watching Princess Kaguya, as it deserves just as much love as other Ghibli films out there.

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