I decided to order a ton of stuff for resin crafting from Miniature Sweet, seeing as I follow her on IG, and have only heard good things about her shop. This is a post about my experience while browsing and ordering, how shipping went, and what I think of resin crafting overall.

First of all; her site is massive! There’s a ton of stuff to look at, and it can be hard to find some things if you don’t know what category to look in. I found some of the things I wanted by looking in suggestions based on what I had already looked at, so that’s good. Her prices are fair, and you can get a lot of things for little money. What I find annoying is the drop-down list for currencies, seeing I had to click EUR almost every single time I wanted to see a new item, as it keeps jumping back to USD, which I’m not interested in. Adding things from the wishlist was also quite annoying, as the item you add disappears from the list right away. This can be avoided by simply putting the item in your basket directly from the page it is presented on though, so I did that.

Having filled my basket with stuff I wanted, I headed over to the checkout, and this was where I was shocked. I know that Denmark is far away from Hong Kong, but $45.59 for regular shipping and $58.29 for express is a major turnoff, especially when the total order was barely worth that amount itself. I struggled a little with the thought of ordering for $150 to get free shipping, but decided that it was worth it. I also used a special discount code from her old Etsy shop to be able to add some more items while I was at it. In the end, I ended up letting go of $150, but I did get a ton of stuff for it, so there’s that.

Shipping was fast. Really fast actually. The only downside was when it arrived in my own country, where I had to wait 2 weeks for the lazy post office to send me a bill for duty and handling. Yes, even more money spent on this order, but I expected that, so whatever. In the end, it took about 3 weeks for me to get my package, and that’s thanks to my own darn country’s system. I don’t blame Miniature Sweet for any of this; I just want to complain about how packages from outside the EU get handled here, haha.

Opening the package was a treat, and I spent half of my day just unpacking and sorting my new stuff. You know how Christmas felt like when you were 7, right? Yeah, that’s exactly how it felt! Everything was packaged individually in bubble wrap, making sure that nothing was broken. The box for the UV light was squished, but I don’t care, it’s still usable. And I forgot about the free gift that’s sent with every order, so that was a really nice surprise. It was obvious that she had carefully picked stuff that went well with my order, so I got some molds, bezels and colorful sprinkles. I really like that the molds have holes in them, since I use them for jewelry, and that she gave me some extra sakura shaped stuff. The bezels were golden, and I only ordered silver, since that’s what I usually use, and can easily get my hands on. But you know what? They came like sent from heaven! I just got some nice golden chains recently, and was a little sad that I didn’t order any golden bezels, but here they are! So fabulous.

My first attempt at resin was an orange glow in the dark crystal that I wanted to make for myself, because the main character from my story has one, and it would be fun to make my own. I’m pretty sure that I used way too much powder and was too impatient, as it ended up having bubbles in the resin and looked very dense, haha. But it was so much fun, and I decorated the crystal to my liking. Well, actually I wanted to wirewrap it, but it makes scratches in the resin, so I dropped that idea. My second attempt was a pink heart with glitter, as one of the containers with powder had opened inside the package during shipping, so I just used what had fallen out already. I was a lot more patient, removed the bubbles carefully and took my time when pouring the resin into the mold. It ended up well, though I think I once again used too much powder, but it was leftover from what had fallen out, so it was better than throwing it away. My third attempt was an open back bezel, but it ended up rather horrible. The packaging tape on the back started making waves as I used UV light on the first layer, resulting in the resin being uneven and eventually leaking. My boyfriend got the resin out of the bezel with some controlled violence, so I’ll use it again when I’m more confident, haha.

I ordered some teeny tiny molds for making small parts for jewelry and decorations, and I surely don’t regret that decision. It’s a really good idea to pour the leftover resin from a project into these molds, so that it doesn’t go to waste, and you get small parts in the process which you can use later.

What I didn’t know though, was how bad resin smells. It’s horrible, and was stuck inside my nose all day. It didn’t get better when it knocked on my door in the middle of my project, and I almost felt like saying “Welcome to my meth lab!” I don’t know if they could even smell it outside, but it sure was rough inside.

Anyway… All in all, I’m very happy with my order. The stuff I got is really nice and fair priced. The only downside is the shipping, seeing as it’s very expensive and takes a while after entering my country. I would most definitely order from Miniature Sweet again, but only when I need enough stuff and have $150 to get free shipping, else it’s just not worth it for me.

Working with resin is fun, and I like that I get instant results with the UV light. I just hope that I can craft enough things to take them with me to the craft fair in November, and that people will like it. It’s quite the niche product here, so it will probably be new to a lot of the people attending the fair, which can be both a good and a bad thing. Let’s hope it’s a good thing 🙂

Drink me – Alice in Wonderland inspired glow in the dark bottle charm on a keychain.

Glow in the dark crystal inspired by a piece of jewelry from the book I currently write.

Yellow and pink glitter charm for jewelry, accessories and the like. I have yet to decide what to use it for.

Girly Skulls

Glitter Bokeh
Wall Clock

Little Witches
Tote Bag

iPhone Skin