It’s no secret that Code Geass is my favorite anime, and that I’m a bit of a Lelouch fangirl, so at one point or the other, I was bound to watch the new movies. I didn’t want to at first, because I felt it was easier to watch them all when the last one is out, but the internet is flooding with spoilers, and I was a bit tired of it, so… I spent the last 3 days with one movie each, and now it’s time to let out my thoughts. Beware that this post will contain spoilers for both the original series and the new movies, so if you haven’t watched either, but plan to do so, then you better stop here.

First of all, I expected more new scenes, and for the parts that were not animated that well in the first season to get revamped, but I was disappointed in both cases. The very few new scenes that were put in only serve to shorten the story and leaving out some longer scenes in favor of saving time. On top of that, they are pretty damn obvious, and don’t fit the animation of the first season at all. I get it, times have changed, and so has their budget, but come on… It’s actually quite disturbing to look at!

Many of the scenes that were removed entirely include important stuff like the tower kidnapping and Kallen’s mom, while characters like Mao are completely gone. Of course they could only include the most important stuff. It’s just not possible to convert 50 episodes into 3 movies without losing a lot of great content. However, it feels like they broke everything into 1000 puzzle pieces, threw 750 of them away, and started forcing the remaining 250 into becoming something that doesn’t resemble the original image it was supposed to be.

The first movie starts out with the scene where little Lelouch confronts his father after his mom was killed, which creates a totally different feeling than the original series. It takes away the chock value of finding out who Lelouch really is. As a matter of fact; a lot of the scenes in the movies do that. You will never get the whole picture, thus never really know what is going on and why, which takes away the suspense and twists the series is so well known for. It also destroys basically every character relation and most background stories, and Code Geass has a lot of characters!

The goal with these movies is to create a slightly different story that leads up to the fourth and final movie next year, which we know almost nothing about, so it’s too early to say if it will end well or not. The biggest change to the story though is, that Shirley is still alive and well, and there was even a short scene where she met with C.C.. Also, Shirley signed an invitation to C.C. from Jeremiah, who wants her to come visit him at his orange farm in France. So what’s up with those 3? I am certainly intrigued!

All in all, I didn’t like the movies though. They felt half-hearted and scrambled, and so did the soundtrack. The new songs we get in each movie also don’t really do it any good. If they wanted to present us with a new story, they should have made everything from scratch, instead of patching scenes together that are up to 12 years old now. Sure, it would have cost them more money, but if you want to please an already established fanbase, then it’s just the way you gotta go.

I wouldn’t recommend the movies to someone who has never watched the entire original series. I’m not even sure if I’d even recommend them to someone who has. They are a mess, and don’t even come near what the original series has to offer. Besides, all you need to know, if you want to watch the new ending, is that Shirley is still alive. She found out who Lelouch is, but she never shot Villetta (Diethard did instead, which makes somewhat sense) and never met Rolo as an enemy. That’s basically it. If you have already watched the rest, then you’re up to date and will be ready for the final movie, and boy do I hope it’s a good one!

There is one thing about the recaps that is still very effective though…

His death still hurts.

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