Here’s a personal post from me, for the first time in quite a while. I just want to share some experiences and maybe answer a few questions some might have about the topic of sterilization. It’s something I decided to have done about 2-3 months ago, after I took a break from the pill, and found out what exactly they did to my body. It’s not like I ever had any issues with the pill, but I noticed how that time of the month was far worse than when not taking it, so I wanted to stop. Of course I talked with my boyfriend about it, who had hoped for more kids for the past 12 years, although I have always told him that it’s not going to happen, as I never wanted any, and having 1 is more than enough for me.

He finally agreed on a sterilization, which one could argue is actually a decision I’d have to take alone, since it’s my body, but we’re 2 people in this relationship, so it’s not something I’d ever do if he’d be 100% against it. Then again, he said he’d get it done, but now he didn’t want to after all, so… I took the step. Was I scared? Oh hell yes! But let’s start from the beginning.

I called my doctor and got an appointment, where she had to tell me about spirals and other kinds of protection. It’s the law; she really had to tell me about all this stuff. It made me feel like a teenager again, but this time I already knew everything about it, and it didn’t change my mind, so she quickly wrote the hospital to sign me up. It’s actually not well seen for someone with only 1 child to get sterilized, but since I’m 33 and my son is 12, no one would expect me to have another kid now. I got a letter from the hospital within a week, and had to show up there for another talk.

Once again I was quickly introduced to other kinds of protection, just to make sure that this was what I wanted. I was then told about the process of cutting me open in 2 places, where they’d enter and burn my oviducts. I was also told about everything that could go wrong, like them damaging my nearby organs by accident, inflammation and bleeding. Yikes! Everything has its risks, and it’s surgery after all, but hey… No pain; no gain. Right…? Because of my old C-section scar, I needed to show up at the hospital where I had the talk, which is further away than another hospital, but they just didn’t have the means to operate in my old scar. So I was set to be cut open on the 1st of November, and needed to call them the day before to get an exact time.

So far so good, but I kept thinking about if there were any clothes I shouldn’t wear that day, and if my constipation would be an issue when they needed to move my gut. Yeah, you know, stuff like that. I called them the day before, and they told me to show up at 10am, so I could have a long sleep. Long sleep… I usually fall asleep around 3am, and we had to take the dog to my mother in law before going to the hospital, which is about 1 hour away from her by car. So I got out of bed around 7am, where I had maybe had 2 hours of sleep that night. Great!

We were there half an hour before my appointment though, and had plenty of time to look at all the pregnant bellies I was about to do my very best to never ever have again. We were called in a bit late, but who cares… The real waiting game was about to start. I got some hospital clothes and was asked to take another bath, because although I was told that it was okay to take a shower the day before, apparently it wasn’t. Oh well, that answered my issues with what to wear. We then waited for 1½ hours before I was being asked to take a pee, because it was very crucial not to have fluids in my bladder. I did, and after doing nothing for 1½ hours, my constipation was no issue either. Damn, I actually felt good! At least for the next 15 minutes. I was brought to the room where the surgeons were waiting for me. It was a bit funny, since the main surgeon asked me why I was being operated, and I felt like saying “Because I want bigger boobs!”, but it just wasn’t the time for a bad joke, and it’s for security reasons so “I’m getting sterilized!”

I then had to lie down with a hair net, and those fancy blue slippers on my feet. Pillows were placed under my knees and ankles, and a puffed up blanket filled with hot air was placed upon my chest. I had to stretch out my right arm in order for a syringe to make space for the drop, and did I mention that I’m more scared of needles than of big hairy spiders? They knew though, since they read the papers I had to fill out before going, so they had this man to squeeze my upper arm in order for me to concentrate on another source of pain instead. And boy was I glad he did, because the surgeon couldn’t find a good vein for the syringe, since I hadn’t been drinking any water that day, so she just plunged it in somewhere. Pain! Lots of pain!

A nurse then tucked my left arm into a blanket and stuffed the end under my butt, after which she started shaking my hand inside the blanket while introducing herself. She just made a little fun out of a normal procedure, and told me that there had to be this opening big enough for shaking a hand. The surgeon then placed an oxygen mask over my mouth and nose and told me to breathe slowly while telling me to think about something nice. Being very hungry, as I wasn’t allowed to eat for 8 hours before this point, I said “Food…”. “What kind of food would you like to eat right now?” she asked, as I could feel the oxygen working. “Oh, just some sushi would do…”, “Then think about freshly made sushi. So delicious!” … … …

I woke up right as I was being placed in the wake-up center. My bed was literally being rolled in as I opened my eyes, and the first thing I saw was a dark skinned man, maybe from the Middle East, to whom I said “You look like my uncle!” Granted, my eyesight was very blurry, so I didn’t see that much, and I did realize later that he looked nothing like my uncle, but he’s probably used to listening to all kinds of shit when people wake up, so he just smiled and told me to go back to sleep. Looking at the time, it was almost 2pm, and it was really noisy. The man to my left sounded like he was a grumpy one, and every time his blood pressure was too high, the machines attached to him started beeping, which was about every minute. “You need to relax!” a nurse told him. “I can’t relax more than I already do!” an older voice growled back at her. On top of that, there were beds being rolled in and out all the time, and after 15 minutes, I was about to go insane.

Noticing that I wouldn’t go back to sleep like being told, the male nurse who was not my uncle, but named Sami, got back to me and removed all devices attached to me while chatting about kids. For some reason he thought I had a toddler, and was very surprised when I told him my boy was almost 13 now. I didn’t think that much about it at this time, and waved at him when I was being rolled out of the station. The hallway was so silent. My boyfriend was waiting for me outside the room we were waiting in earlier, and I was being placed in the back of it again. My roommate, who I barely got to see before the surgery, was knitting and watching crime on the TV. Very cozy, haha.

A nurse gave me some water and asked me to pick a dish from the menu because I needed to eat. I chose øllebrød, because it’s fucking delicious, and I don’t get why some people hate it! After eating, the surgeon came to see me, and she had some funny news. “Did you know that you have a double uterus?” she said. “It’s got an extra bulge on top of your normal one, which can make it hard to get pregnant. Did you experience any issues of that kind?”, “No, not at all”, “You were very lucky then!” Now I’m thinking though, if that was the cause of the many issues we had during childbirth, where the lil’ one was upside down and choking on his umbilical cord. Who knows…

Another nurse came back to clean up after my roommate had gone home, and asked if I was ready to leave too, because then she’d get ready to let me go. She also said that I wasn’t allowed to lift anything with a weight of 5kg or more during the rest of this week, and asked if I had any kids. I said that I have a boy, and then she told me to be very cautious not to lift him up for a while. “Well, he’s almost 13, so he can walk on his own most of the time” I said, and she laughed. We then talked about the dog though, and how he’s not allowed to lie on my hips like he usually does, or step on me, like he also loves to do for some reason.

I was let go, and wanted to jump back into my good old clothes again, but it would be a lie if I said that was the easiest part of the day. Peeing was hard. Reaching my feet was hard. Buttoning up my pants was hard. And don’t get me started on putting on my jacket after having the drop removed from my arm, where I bit my boyfriend’s hand because it hurt like hell. I walked in super-duper slow motion back to our car, and getting in was just plain painful. We picked up our dog, talked with my parents in law, went a bit of slow motion grocery shopping, and then we went home where I ate a cowboy toast and the biggest berliner I could find at the bakery. I usually roll around in my bed until I fall asleep, but not this time, nope. I even needed help to get on my back, at least until the painkillers kicked in. I felt like a whale on land… And I woke up many times because of the pain. I even managed to poke exactly were my left oviduct used to be, and I did my best not to squeal like a pig and wake up my boyfriend. Pain! Lots of pain!

I am actually allowed to remove the bandages now, but I’ll wait until my boyfriend is home, because I will probably need some help, and maybe a hand to bite in.

Okay, well, that’s that. Now onwards to other things. It doesn’t seem like I can attend the craft fair this month after all, because my boyfriend has to work that weekend, and no one wants to switch with him. Bummer for me. It’s not like I can’t ask my stepdad or parents in law to take me there, but I can’t ask them to stay for the 5 hour duration. I even spent a lot of time making gift tags because it’s a Christmas fair, but I guess that work was all for nothing. At least for this year’s fair. Hope I can attend some of the fairs they have next year!

So, because I got bummed out by the fact that all my preparations were for naught right now, I started doing some printables again. This time I focused on origami boxes, because I did some in different colors and decorated them, and then thought that it would be fun if people could print their own boxes. I quickly folded a bottom and a lid, measured them up, and made a template on the computer to make sure the images would be in the right places when printed. It was so much fun! My boys were on vacation for 3 days, so that’s what I did while they were away. I ended up making 3 different designs, and even made a 2019 calendar and 3 extra months themed for Easter, Halloween and Christmas. I want to upload all my printables to Etsy, and see if I can get a foot inside the printable market there. I don’t like their fees, I really don’t, but it’s still the easiest place to offer stuff like that. And since a friend wants a shop there too, we can support each other I hope. That would be fun!

I’ve also taken a liking to growing Syrian Roses. Don’t ask why, because I don’t have green thumbs at all. We have a big one in the garden though, and it’s seeding now, so I took a bulb and planted all the seeds in it, and they are now growing like weed! My stepdad wants one, so I hope they turn out fine. I even grabbed a handful more of the seeds to store for later. Who knows, this might just be my new calling!

I’ve also updated the lists with royalty free music and photos by the way, so go check them out if you are in need of some free stuff for your projects: Royalty free music and soundsRoyalty free photos and images

This is probably my longest post to date, so I’ll stop now. Here’s some photos of my gift tags and printed origami boxes. Have fun!


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Origami Box

Origami Box