This is just an update on my life and hobbies anyway, so a title is not really important, is it? Well, first of all, my sterilization is going good. I had an infection going on in my bellybutton, but I discovered it very early, my doctor gave me some meds, and 3 days later it was alright again. My stitches even fell out, yay! Or well, they were loose, so I pulled the rest of them out. I have a bellybutton again! Yeah, what a thing to celebrate, but hey, it’s all in the small things.

So, what’s been happening lately? Not that much really. We got ourselves a PS4 Pro as a shared Christmas gift, so there’s that. I really enjoy playing Tekken 7, though it bugs me that games these days have so much DLC. When I buy a game, I actually want the entire game, and not having to buy extra charas like Anna and Lei. Charas like Noctis I can understand would be an extra, but I’d expect Anna and Lei to be a part of the usual gang. Come on Namco, don’t do this to me, I need my Anna and Nina bitch fights… Oh well, good thing King is my favorite and takes up 90% of my playtime anyway. The other 10%? Lili, haha!

And now that we have a PS4, my boyfriend decided to play FFXIV with me again, so we created new charas and started over together, which is going smooth! And then I saw the new SDS Fenrir Bike mount… Except my extra retainer (whom I still use and am very happy with), I’ve never bought anything extra for this game since its release back in August 2013. But this mount was an insta-buy! And since my boyfriend wanted it too, I bought 2. Do I feel broke now? Well yeah, kinda, but I don’t regret it one bit! Now we just need to level enough to be able to actually use it, but I still enjoy it on my main.

While I’m at the topic of spending money, I actually made a very sweet purchase yesterday. Black Friday ain’t really a thing here in Europe, so it’s not like we bought a ton of shit because of “sales”, except a second controller for the PS4, which we needed anyway, so I didn’t feel bad about going to second hand shops and spend the change that was burning a hole in my pocket. Behold! A whole 110KR ($16.70) were spent yesterday. I know, laughable. BUT! I got a small bag filled with jewelry goods for 50KR ($7.59), and after looking through the stuff later, I could see that there was for at least 400KR ($60.73) beads and pieces in there, and I really like 99% of it all! This really made me happy, not only because I got a lot of nice stuff for cheap, but also because I’ve been feeling a little down ever since I knew I couldn’t attend the craft fair that I wanted to, and thus haven’t been crafting at all. Now I’ve got some new ideas again, and will hopefully get back into business soon. What else did I buy? Old jewelry to pull apart and re-use, ribbons, a snowglobe for my mother in law, and an Attack on Titan Guidebook. Pretty neat stuff for the amount paid.

And you know what? Although I might have been a bit too focused on crafting instead of writing on my story this year, and will not get all the chapters done that I wanted, I’m actually happy anyway. Last week I managed to write a Lost Chapter, which I’m gonna name the chapters that are not part of the main story, and thus are only short side stories focusing more on other characters than the actual protagonist, and it went quite good. Granted, it’s a yaoi story, and will not fit into the main story anyway, which I will keep PG-13 (ish), but I plan on doing a more gory side story as well, so maybe it doesn’t even matter. It’s not like I need to publish everything, or at least not in one go. I don’t know how to do this yet, but I might just publish the main story first, and then a collection of side stories that are 18+ and add a little extra to the main story for older readers. Anyway, writing something completely different with other characters was very refreshing, and I think I’ll get to complete the next main chapter before the end of this year after all. I also did some character bios for some of the charas that have already appeared in the main story, and it was also a lot of fun to write. It makes it easier to keep track of my ideas for them too.

I think that was it… Oh yeah! Go watch Castlevania on Netflix! Just do it! Waiting for season 2 was totally worth it, and I can barely wait for season 3. It’s just that good.

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