Sooo, this is basically just part 2 of my last post. To be honest, I haven’t really done much for the past week, yet I’m totally exhausted for having done too much. The year started out with a scared dog, then a parents meeting the day after, then some days of cleaning up, a spontaneous trip to Germany where I ended up buying too many manga, a stressful weekend with a 20 years birthday party, and… Please just let me sleep for a day or two!

But okay, you know what? I actually managed to open up my Etsy shop before the turning of the new year. Yes, I opened it again, but this time with the printables that I’ve been working on for a while now. A friend used my reference link to create her shop, so I got 40 free listings, which will make sure that I can keep the shop open for a while without losing money, even if I don’t sell anything, which I kinda expect not to. Not to be pessimistic or anything, but I’m just plain horrible at advertising, sooo… But it feels good to have gotten it done, and now I’m looking forward to my friend opening her shop as well!

And you know what else? I just finished a side story chapter today! It was hard getting back to writing on it for some reason, and it ended up way differently than I initially wanted it to, but I think it brings the message across, and further developed a secondary character that I’ve come to like. I’ve also decided to pull the main story in a different direction than planned, simply because I feel that my original plan is dragging things out. While I’m nowhere near the point of where I want to change things up, and still need to write a lot until I get there, I think a lot about what I want to do. I just hope that I can still finish the main story sometime during this year.

I’ve also decided to get better at papercrafting! Right now, I’m mainly doing bookmarks when it comes to working with paper, since I suck at making greeting cards, but then I thought “What if I make small greeting cards?” Because quite frankly, I suck at making the regular sized ones because they are too big for me. There’s too much workspace, and I don’t really like greeting cards in the first place. Yeah, every time I have to write one it ends up being some horrible poetic rhyme, because I refuse to write the standard text that everyone else does, and… Ugh. Smaller card = Less text = Me happy.

Other than that, nothing big is happening. Right now I just want to finish watching Free! season 3, read Chrome Breaker and probably try cleaning up our living room. Because seriously, we started watching Marie Kondo on Netflix, and some of her ideas are worth gold!

So yeah, maybe some new habits, new ideas, new crafts… Same old shitty me! 😀

Little Ghosty
Line Stickers

Bath Mat

Origami Box

Origami Box