Last year I decided to do a Crafty February, where I’d craft one thing every day for the entire month, preferably with materials already available. It was exhausting but fun and I got out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion. I remember thinking that I was unsure whether or not it was something that I wanted to do again this year, but was more on the negative side. But here I am, planning the next craft marathon already!

I will be taking the rules from last year and add to them. Also, I want to write some of the days, so I’ll count that as a craft as well. See that as my own personal twist.

The rules/guide from last year:

  • Make 1 craft a day.
  • If you skip a day, make 2 crafts the next day.
  • The craft can be anything you like.
  • If you don’t make it all through the month, it doesn’t matter.
  • Have fun!

Added rules/guides for this year:

  • Finishing an already started craft from an ealier time counts.
  • Use materials owned instead of buying new things.
  • Should new things be bought after all, due to them maybe not being available anymore in March (sale, second hand, etc.) they are not to be used until the challenge is over.
  • The craft can also be a different hobby, as in, but not limited to: Cook a new meal a day, write a set amount of words a day, read a set amount of chapters in a book a day, draw something every day, and so on.
  • If possible, post your work on any social media site using the hashtag #craftyfebruary2019

Okay, so the first 3 rules of this year were kinda also there last year, but I didn’t write them down as rules to actually follow. So, if you’re interested in challenging yourself in your own hobby, get out of your comfort zone, use the stash of materials you have already accumulated, and/or overall just being more productive for the shortest month of the year; join me!

I will once again post on Instagram and Tumblr, and write a new post here with a gallery when it’s all over. As mentioned above though, I want to write too, so I can’t post a new craft every day, and of course I cannot post what I have written. I hope to write a whole chapter during the challenge, so at least 5500 words. It will be a very busy month for me, since we are planning to finish some stuff around the house, but I believe that I can still do it!

On a side note, I am sorry for being inactive for some weeks. I’ve been sick on and off since Christmas. It has given me some time to sit on the couch and read more mangas than I usually do though, so there’s that. Anyway, I hope that I’ll be fit for next month 🙂

Stationery Cards

Always Love You
Laptop Sleeve

Origami Box

Little Witches
Tote Bag