Why did it take so long for me to find my love for this series? I thought about watching it a couple of times, but always skipped it for reasons that I don’t even remember anymore. Then my boyfriend came home and complained about work, after which I thought “Now is the time”, and started the first episode of Aggretsuko. And that’s how we found a new series we could actually watch together. If you haven’t heard about the series yet, here’s what it’s about.

Retsuko is working at the accounting department of a big company, and always has her hands more than full with paperwork. So much so, that she needs an outlet for her aggressions, which is a karaoke bar, where she sings her favorite metal song after work. This is a secret that not even her best friends at work know about, and that’s just the way she likes it. Most of her coworkers however, are quite the mouthful, and makes life hard for the poor red panda. There’s Tsubone who lets Retsuko do her work for her, Kabae who spreads false rumors a little too fast, and Kamiya who is so far up the directors arse, that it’s a wonder he’s not brown yet. And the director himself, well, he’s a huge pig. Literally, and figuratively speaking.

When Retsuko gets to know the highly regarded Ms. Washimi, who is the secretary of the company’s president, and director Gori of the marketing department, her life starts taking a turn in a different direction. Not only that, but Retsuko also decides that she wants to get married to stop working for the company, which requires her to find a husband. Love doesn’t always end up being what you expect though, and sometimes it can come from people you wouldn’t have thought of.

I’ve never heard a bad word about Aggretsuko, and I don’t have anything bad to say about the series myself. It depicts the life of an overworked Japanese (and general) adult perfectly, and even with a lot of humor. Using various animals to portray what the characters are about even before getting to know them is not a new idea, but it feels fresh in the way that it is being presented. It’s also very astounding how the series can stay overly cute and funny all the time, while actually telling a serious story. It’s very relatable.

The characters were made by Sanrio a bit over 2 years ago, but don’t let it fool you if you think it has anything to do with Hello Kitty, because other than the design, there’s nothing to compare them with. The first season only has 10 episodes, and every episode will only take up about 15 minutes of your time, so it’s a fast watch, and if you don’t like it, you’ve not wasted that much time trying it out. There’s a Christmas special that came out last year to make up for the wait time of season 2, which I am very excited for, seeing as season 1’s ending left some unanswered questions.

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