This is an automatically posted entry to avoid me being away for a while again, so maybe some stuff is outdated already, but who cares. So, I want to write a bit about how I’m doing with writing my book, seeing as I’m trying to finish it this year. It’s not like I’m in a rush or anything, but I’d just really like to get the main story done. After that, I’ll most probably write more side stories, which I already have 2 of right now, and I really enjoy writing them!

It’s Crafty February for me right now, and as stated in my earlier post about that subject, I’d like to write at least 5000 words on my story during this month. As of the writing of this entry, I’ve written 2750 words, which also includes the finishing of chapter 8 and beginning of chapter 9. It’s very exhausting to push myself like that, but it also feels kind of rewarding. To know that I finally got my thoughts written down is nice, and the fact that I got a big chunk of my work done already feels even better. My biggest struggle right now though is that I am trying to change the mood a bit, and it’s not easy.

I don’t want to change the overall mood of the story, but my main character has to go through a change right now, which will ultimately lead to the first part of the conclusion. I’m saying first part, because what seems to be the goal of the story is only part of it, so even when it seems over, there are threads to be picked up afterwards. I could, of course, pick up those threads in a follow-up side story, but my side stories are mainly reserved for characters that have something to tell from their own experiences outside of the main storyline, so I want to wrap up the main story on its own.

Well, anyway… The issue I am going through right now with trying to change my main character in a new direction also has to do with him already being (hopefully) relatable to the reader. By now, he has proven his position in the story, and his goals should be clear… Or should they? The seed of doubt has been planted inside his mind by another character that doesn’t play a big role in the main story, and now I need to put myself in new shoes when writing about him, and thus also the reader. More characters will be introduced soon, which not only need to interact with the already established cast, but also cause some secrets to be revealed, thus changing some characters. For the better or worse? I have yet to decide that, since it won’t happen during anything I write this month. But it will happen, and what do I do then? Yes, I have the ending planned, but it doesn’t include all characters, and I don’t want to let those hanging who have no place during the final act. I never expected it to be easy to write a book, but damn…

Another thing I didn’t expect would be easy is this year’s Crafty February. I do a little craft every day, no matter how insignificant it might end up being, mainly due to birthdays and winter vacation time, but I find it to be an even harder struggle than last year. It felt like I had a lot more ideas last year, more energy, more time… This year just falls flat on its face and refuses to get up again. Granted, I am getting out of my comfort zone now and then while working with UV resin, which I am still having massive issues with, but I don’t feel nearly as proud of my work this time. Maybe it’s because I am thinking about what I still need more of to join a fair, because I keep thinking that I have enough earrings, bracelets and necklaces already, and should maybe do more ear studs, bookmarks and keychains. When looking for inspiration on Pinterest, I often get the feeling that I’ve done most of the stuff that interests me already, and although I could of course make more of it in various designs and colors, it would just feel like I’m doing the same thing again.

Now let’s look at the New Year’s resolutions that I’ve started doing already. First of all, I’ve lost 3kg, which is nice. It’s not like I eat less I think, and I’ve not really changed what I eat either, but I started doing some planking, squats and other quick and easy exercises that can be done indoors while having a few minutes of time almost every day. And behold; it actually helps! Not only does it burn a little fat, but it also helps with my sore right shoulder and arm. Sitting in front of a PC too much for over 10 years has left its mark…

And the second resolution that I’ve actively started working on is making Line stickers. I had a few good ideas for some emotes and started drawing them. At first I thought it would be nice to have a set of at least 16, but it’s just too little, unless you’re a well-known artist or popular company. So I sat the bar higher to give whoever wants to get the stickers some good value for their money, and ended up with over 40 designs. I’m not sure if I’m done yet, so I’m just leaving the sketches for now and try to think of more stuff, because it’s better to have 5 designs too many than being 5 short, seeing as I might not want all of them in the end. My plan is to transfer the sketches to the laptop and turn them into digital crayon drawings, but I’ve never done that before, and if it ends up being a mess, I’ll go back to vector art. My biggest concern though is Line, because they just rejected my e-mail last time I tried signing up as a creator, and their so-called support was no help at all. I’ll try a different mail next time, and then hope for the best. Whenever that will be.

Other than the above mentioned things, I completed my first anime review for this year, and that’s it I think. I might ditch some of the goals, seeing as the new FFXIV expansion will be out soon, but I haven’t even done Stormblood yet due to my PC being too bad for it, and I’m not sure if I even want to finish my short light novel anymore, because writing my book is just too much fun. And instead of reading ‘Around the world in 80 days’, I keep reading boys love manga instead, but that’s a completely different issue *cough*

So yeah, I’ve got stuff to do, and am already working really hard on some things. A lot of stuff is happening in my private life too, but I swore myself to not yap about that here, so you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that life is hard and sometimes unfair, and depressions are no fun.

Read about my other thoughts on writing a book here, here and here, and follow my Crafty February progress on either Instagram or Tumblr, where you don’t need an account to just lurk from the shadows.

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