It’s over! And it was once again a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears that I had to put into it to push through. But I did it, and here’s the result for this year’s crafty month. I didn’t make any teacup candles this time, and worked a lot less with cord and no paper at all, but I made quite a lot of UV resin stuff.

Talking about working with UV resin… I’m actually not that happy with it. I get air pockets and bubbles almost all the time, and when making anything bigger than 1cm, I often get a sticky surface. On top of that, the resin always shrinks, leaving ugly residue on the sides and sometimes even the surface. Using a lighter to remove bubbles doesn’t really work, and letting the resin cure in the sun doesn’t work that well either. So to be honest, I’m actually quite disappointed in this method of crafting, seeing as I’ve already had to throw out a lot of broken crafts. I hope the bottle is just from a bad batch, and that the other bottle I have is better, else I’m going mad!

I’ve also decided that I don’t want to make candles anymore, or well, it depends on how they do at a fair. Having both empty and full cups standing around takes up a lot of space, so unless they sell like warm bread, I’m not really willing to continue with them. The reason that I didn’t do any papercraft this time is a lot more simple; I didn’t feel like it. I did think about making more gift tags and bookmarks, but it’s such a mess to have all that stuff on the table all the time, and seeing as I didn’t have any really good ideas for new designs, I just decided to not make any. However, I did make some dried flower laminated bookmarks, so there’s that.

This year was the year of necklaces though, as I did quite a handful of those, mainly because I find it fun to make pendants. The necklace display that I bought last year is already full though, so I’ll need one more. I also did quite a handful of various earrings and studs, which I do have more space for, seeing as I have 2 different displays. I actually need more studs, but I’m not that fond of making them, partially because of the UV resin, but also because they are rather boring. But hey, I thought so about earrings last year too, and look at me now!

I made fewer bracelets this time, but more keyrings, which I’m happy with. I wanted to make more keyrings and zipper accessories anyway. And then there’s the tiny corgi, you see him in the header? That’s actually a pin. Yep, I made my first pin!

Here’s a summary of everything that I made, followed by a gallery with the ideas behind the crafts.

8 bracelets

7 necklaces

4 pairs of earrings

4 pairs of earstuds

3 keyrings / accessories


1 pin


Artsy Love
Hardcover Journal

Girly Skulls

Origami Box

Galaxy Cat #3