This was one of those series I wanted to watch for some years now, but never really got around to. But guess where it popped up? On Netflix of course. So I decided that it was about time to catch up with it. Now let’s see how that went.

Shiro, an unsuspicious and gentle teenager at a high school, gets hunted down by a group of thugs named HOMRA, who are accusing him of having brutally murdered one of their members, and now they want their revenge. As proof of his deed, they release a video of him shooting their comrade, which leads another member of a different group to pursue the boy, and actually catch him first. Although Shiro is to be killed by this new man called Kuroh, he tries his best to prove his innocence, and a rather odd kind of comradery is formed between them.

He’s still being hunted down by HOMRA and their red king though, and they in turn have the clan of the blue king after them, whose goal it is to protect the innocent and maintain order in the city. All on top of that, Shiro is rumored to be the colorless king, the joker among the seven kings who can disturb or even ruin the balance of power amongst them. Even when it seems like he is about to prove his innocence though, something or someone will keep confirming the opposite. Will Kuroh and the mysterious catgirl Neko be enough help to cleanse Shiro’s name, or is there more to it than just a simple murder?

Now, K is very pretty to look at, or at least the character designs and gradient colorings are. The story was interesting during the first episode, but then starts lacking throughout the first half of the series, after which it picks up again when it starts explaining where the kings and their clan members got their powers from, and the truth about Shiro is slowly unraveling. And when I say slowly, I mean slooowly. To be honest, I feel like everything of importance in this series could have been cramped into a movie instead, and it would probably have been for the better.

A lot of characters are being introduced during this quite short series, and about 90% of them play little to no role in it at all. It makes the battles feel lackluster and boring at best, because you don’t feel anything for the characters, and thus don’t cheer for any of them. The big battle between the red and blue king in the end felt a lot more like a kindergarten fight than an actual war, and all I wanted was for it to end, but of course that was also a slooow process.

The only thing that I found interesting about this show, and the one thing that kept me from not turning off the TV, was the storyline around Shiro. Granted, Neko was an annoying pain in the ass, like most of the characters in this show were, but Shiro and sometimes Kuroh could pick up the mood again, even while having the annoying shitbag around. What I found to kill the mood entirely at times though, was the horrible soundtrack of the entire series, from opening to ending, and everything in-between. It felt like elevator music, or something from a bad hentai. I feel that a better score could have saved some of the scenes. And don’t get me started on Anna, whose sole purpose seemed to be fan service for those who like gothic looking girls with zero personality. All she did was gasp, sigh and otherwise exhale air while sounding like she was about to die, and I fucking hoped she had.

Well, anyway, although I just wrote a lot of bad things about the show, it didn’t feel like a total waste of time. It was okay entertainment, and as mentioned above, I found the story around Shiro quite interesting. I know there is a second season to the show, but I won’t watch it, since I don’t feel like meeting the cast once more. Thanks for the first date, but no thanks when it comes to a second one.


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