This series was recommended to me by Shira, and I thought it was time for some lighthearted entertainment, so I gave it a shot.

After the death of their parents in a plane crash, Ryuichi and his little brother Kotaro move in with the Morinomiya School chairman, whose son and daughter in law died in the same crash. The only condition is, that Ryuichi starts taking care of the children of the teachers in the local daycare, a task that he doesn’t have any issues with, seeing as the kids are of the same age as Kotaro. However, since the school doesn’t have enough money to hire proper staff, the daycare only has one paid employee, and the rest of the babysitting jobs were turned into a school club. That club has Ryuichi as the only current member.

Though Ryuichi’s main goal is to find new members for the club, he is first and foremost still a new student at the school, but he quickly befriends his classmate Kamitani, who is the oldest son of the science teacher and older brother of the loud little Taka. Taking care of 5 kids, a baby and the sleepy employee Usaida isn’t a one man job though, and Ryuichi often finds himself in weird but cute situations. These situations are not limited to the daycare room though, and more often than not tend to drag other students in like a tiny whirlwind of trouble.

Now, this is probably not a series I would have picked on my own, though I did see it floating around earlier last year. I’m glad it was recommended to me though, as it was heaps of fun to watch, and it was really nice with a short feel-good series that relates a little to real life. I do remember when my son was this age, and while anime kids are of course exaggeratedly cute in their looks and everything they do, I did feel the pain of Ryuichi and the parents of the children many times. Especially during a visit at the gift shop in the zoo. Hoo boy…

Overall, Gakuen Babysitters is a nice and relaxing series. There’s no imminent danger at any times, and although the kids do yell and cry a lot now and then, it’s never too much, or at least not enough to be really annoying. I’m also amazed at how smoothly the series introduces the many characters of the cast, instead of just rushing and forcing them in, like many other 12 episode series with numerous characters have a tendency to do. I also wasn’t surprised when SANRIO’s name showed up in the end credits, because let’s face it… This series is all about cuteness overload, and it’s damn good at it!

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