I wanted to give Blue Mage a shot for a while, but it wasn’t until I was a little too far ahead during Crafty February that I actually found the time and energy to start it up. It was quite refreshing actually, at least in the beginning. Then I had to do Tam-Tara Deepcroft, and I got a message saying that I was only able to enter the dungeon if I entered it with a premade party, or if I went into it unsynced. At first it made me angry, but then I remembered; Blue Mages don’t learn their skills by leveling up. So you could basically be lvl 50 and still only have Water Cannon. Okay, fair enough. I had all the skills that I could get from monsters at that point, so I entered unsynced… And died 5 meters inside the bloody dungeon.

After a few tries, I went to YouTube to look up what I did wrong, since I could only ever get the first boss down, and then died on the second. And behold! It turned out I had not gotten the totem skills! So I went back and got the unlocked totems, learned the skills, and hopped back in. I wouldn’t say it was a breeze after learning White Wind, but I surely didn’t die anymore, so I got the dungeon, and thus also the quest done. It then went fine again from there, and thus I wasn’t that afraid of entering Haukke Manor when the time came. And there was no reason to, but it did test my patience… a whole lot!

I had to think of new ways to survive, since I couldn’t just put all the mobs to sleep like in Tam-Tara. When facing up to 3 different kinds of mobs in one pull, and one of those being immune to one of your stun abilities, new tactics need to be made. It went rather well after learning which mobs were immune towards what, and outleveling the dungeon was surely not a bad idea either. But then came the last boss fight. During my first 2 runs, I didn’t have much time left, so I just killed the boss, seeing as I found that to be better than running out of time and getting no chests. After a while though, I ended up being able to try the last boss 5 times with the time I had left (I just let her kill me if I didn’t get the skill, then ran back up again), and I did manage to get the skill after maybe 8-10 times. I stopped counting.

Those were the only 2 dungeons that I managed to do alone though, since Cutter’s Cry almost literally made me cry. The most useful skills take a while to cast, and the ants during the first boss are pretty annoying, so yeah. I decided to get to lvl 50 instead, and learn all the skills that I was able to outside of dungeons, including the levequest that I had to do a ton of times, and the rank B kill, which was surprisingly easy. I even joined a group to kill Gorgimera in the attempt to skip Cutter’s Cry, but of course I didn’t get the skill. But that’s as far as I could go after 2 days of playing Blue Mage alone. I have yet to try Masked Carnivale.

As for leveling, it’s a lot easier than I expected it to be. At first, it concerned me that I couldn’t just enter dungeons and guildhests, but there are still levequests and fates left, and then of course the killing sprees. Surprisingly enough, it’s much faster to just run in circles and kill the same mobs over and over again, than to do any kinds of quests or fates. I managed to get 1 lvl every 5 minutes while just killing Apkallu, and that although I was too low lvl for the area. When they didn’t give that much EXP anymore, I went to Mor Dhona and continued my bloodshed there, butchering every mob on the road back and forth to my levequest. Sadly though, 50 is the highest lvl for a Blue Mage right now, so it’s not possible to get incredibly overpowered. There’s no doubt that skilled players can solo the lvl 50 dungeons and extreme primals, but I’m by far not one of those, and would much rather get help if I ever decide to try my luck with those. Also because of the fact that you’re not sure to get the wanted skill after killing a boss the first time, and running the same dungeon several times alone is such a struggle.

Overall though, I had a lot of fun. Blue Mage is surely not a class for everyone, and not something I’d recommend a new player to try their luck with without help, but if you’re getting a bit bored with the regular classes, it’s a very nice way to get some fresh air into your game, and if you’re in an FC with people who want to have you in a party, then I guess the Blue Mage skills can be a fun addition to a dungeon run.

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