2 years ago, I made a deal with Majo from the Sid Story group chat on Line that we’d make stickers. She would make a set, and I would make a set. She made her set, and I… Didn’t make mine. Or well, I tried, but since Line didn’t even want to accept my mail address when I signed up for their Creators Market, I kinda got disappointed and demotivated. I had made some sketches for a set, which I think consisted of 8 or 16 stickers. I can’t find them anymore, and I don’t really remember. Anyway, Majo made a set of 8 stickers, and they are really cute. You can find a link to them at the bottom of this post, so go have a look if you like Line stickers.

It’s been on my to-do list ever since though, which you could see on this blog if peeking onto The Site & I, so the thought never left my mind. This year I decided that it was about time to hold up my end of the deal, and I sat down to sketch some new stickers sometime early this year. And I had a lot of fun! So much actually, that I made 42 sketches, although the biggest sets can only hold 40. I thought it was a good idea to make a big set, seeing as I’m not an established seller on Line, and my Ghosty is not the most detailed work I’ve ever done, so… I wanted to give the people who might buy my set some value for their money.

After being done with my Bakura drawing, I decided to start on digitalizing the sketches using Inkscape. My original plan was to draw them all by hand in either Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint to finally get to know my laptop a little better, but I’ve always made all my Ghosty art with Inkscape, and decided to just stick with it. It’s nice to have him as an SVG file anyway, since they are useful for prints and thus other things than only stickers.

It was a rather slow start, but as I got more and more components done, I could easily copy/paste some of his parts into many of the images, such as his body shape, eyes and hands. What took the longest was drawing the things that were unique in every image, but I ended up completing all 42 stickers within 3 sessions of each between 5-8 hours of work.

I wasn’t keen on making the text for each image by hand though, so I started to look around for a fat and round text to match the blob physics of Ghosty, and I was lucky to find the perfect font after just a few minutes. It was even free to use for commercial purposes, and I was so happy! Honestly, it made my day. I then started texting a few stickers using a color palette of 6 colors that I wanted to use with everything text related. This again took me another 5-8 hours, but I did it in Photoshop, so it was rather easy. The hardest part was switching colors all the time, so a lot of small breaks were included in that work time.

Alright! My stickers were done, and I had even weeded out the 2 that couldn’t make it into the set. Now it was once again time to sign up with the Line Creators Market, and my plan was to use my Gmail if they still didn’t want to accept my regular one. But they did! Creating an account was super-fast and easy, but then… Submitting the sticker set was a horrible experience.

Uploading a ZIP with my already named images was easy enough, but it didn’t accept my title for the set, and kept saying that I had already used it for another set. How? I was a new creator, and this was my first upload. I even checked the sticker store to see if they might have meant that another set had that name already, but I found nothing. So my set has a rather long title that I’m not happy with, but whatever. I wrote the title and description in both English and German, and it was rather easy to finish that part.

Onwards to creating tags! Or maybe not… I regret that I tried to add the tags myself, because I had to scroll down to each image, click it, and then scroll through hundreds of premade tags to find the right ones. I ended up only getting 1 tag for each sticker, with a few having 2 or 3. If I ever make another sticker set, I will skip this step and have Line do it for me. This was tedious, and their system only made it way worse than it had to be.

Having set up everything for the stickers and payment, I hit the submit button and got a message on Line with the ID and title of the set, saying that it has now been submitted for review. Hoo boy! I was so excited that I kept checking my page for 2 days, until Majo told me that I’d get a message on Line once something had changed, and that she waited 2 days to be rejected, and again 3 days when resubmitting. Indonesia didn’t like her demon theme I guess, so I was afraid they’d reject me too because of a devil Ghosty sticker. The suspense was killing me, haha…

I submitted my stickers late in the afternoon on Sunday, and it wasn’t until noon on Saturday that I got a message from Line, that my stickers had been approved. That’s a full 5 days of waiting before the status was even changed to ‘In review’! The next problem then was, that I didn’t know I had to manually put the approved stickers up for sale, so I cursed a little at not being able to find my own stickers by following the link provided, but I figured it out eventually, and there they were.

It felt glorious! I was still pissed that they took so long to even do anything, but they didn’t get rejected at least, and now they are up for sale! And I must say; they look damn good in a chat. Head on over to the Line store to check them out, and don’t forget to click on Majo’s set as well.

Maybe I’ll make more stickers someday, but right now I need a good and long break from this 🙂

Little blue Ghosty by Sakiel

Little blue Ghosty by Sakiel

Demon-elf Girl by Majo

Demon-elf Girl by Majo

Little Ghosty
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