Yeah, I kinda don’t really do these anymore, ever since I turned most of the old posts of this kind private, and swore myself not to be too private and personal on this here blog, seeing as I mainly want to focus on my hobbies when going public. There is actually quite a ton of stuff I could post if I’d go into more private stuff again, but isn’t that the case with every human on Earth? Anyway, I’m here because I want to report on my progress on various hobbies, so that’s what I’ll do!

First off; my book. I wrote quite a lot during February, but then it kinda died down again for some reason. It’s probably because of my private life, but it still irks me that I didn’t get to write a single word throughout March. I decided to change that, and am now back at it again, and it’s going well. Sometimes a break can do you good, right? I’m done with chapter 9 now, and chapter 10 is going smoothly. I had to do a time skip in the story, just a small one, and it’s rather refreshing. I’m still unsure if I’ll really be able to finish it this year, but I’m working hard on it, and I’m satisfied with that.

I wasn’t entirely dead during March though, as I did a Line sticker set that you can read about here if you haven’t already. I also e-mailed the craft fair already, which was way too soon I was told, but I reserved a spot for the next fair, so that’s nice. I’m still struggling really hard with figuring out the prices for some my stuff though. It’s so hard… I’ll probably just price everything really cheap the night before I gotta go, because I suck at this.

And we finally got around to watching the last episodes of Discovery. It was shit. While both seasons were pretty bad, I didn’t expect it all to end with the worst case of lazy writing that I have ever witnessed. Excuse me please for the spoiler, but… “Let’s never talk about what happened” is their way of ending this 2 seasons long nonsense? That’s just… That’s… UGH! So, the ship went far into the future, and I guess a third season will take place there. Now, it’s no secret that Picard is returning to the Star Trek franchise, so will the Discovery go to his timeline and ruin him too? I hope not… Please no… Well, good thing that The Orville season 2 is now finally airing on TV here. At least there’s one good show to watch every week then.

Then there’s the sad thing… I cancelled my FFXIV subscription, as I haven’t played since I leveled the Blue Mage class. Granted, I did the Easter event, but that’s just not enough to keep me subbed. I stayed because I didn’t want to lose the FC house while the guildmaster can’t log in, but it’s still money, and I’m not willing to pay for a game I don’t play. I hope her mom will log into the house in order for us to keep it. I still plan on getting the new expansion and come back once I get a new PC, but God knows when that will be. So for now, I’m abusing my boyfriend’s WoW account to help him level alts. Woohoo…

Okay, now let’s look at the crafting. I’m actually crafting more than I get to post IG right now, because a friend decided that it’s a good idea to visit me every week for us to craft together. And it works! Man, I haven’t done that much since Crafty February, and it’s much more fun to have someone to talk to while crafting. The only issue is the amount of cake that we eat. I want to lose a bit of weight, not gain some. Maybe we should switch to salad.

And then I got a new phone last week, because the old one started shutting down randomly, and wasn’t working properly when it’s cold. A lot of my photos got new dates when I transferred them to my SD card, including the ones I’ve taken of my new crafts, so I don’t only have to get used to the new phone, but also try do dig out my photos. I’m so far behind on IG and Tumblr now, it almost hurts. Ugh! And I keep forgetting to post because of other things. UGH!

That’s it I think… Everything is moving so fast right now, I can barely keep up. I’m starting to think that I set a few too many goals for this year, but we’ll see by the end of June, when half of 2019 is over.

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