The thing that led me to write this post was actually a good one. I sold a t-shirt over on Society6 with my Pokéball pattern, and was thrilled of course. Then I thought that I might be able to get my stuff out there some more if I used more social media, but… I suck at it. I really do. Here’s a list of my experiences with various social media sites.

Facebook: Let’s start with the biggest one, and the only one on this list that I have actually never had an account on. I loathe FB and everything it stands for, but I actually do kinda have an account there. Kiiinda. It’s a part of my boyfriend’s account that he made to share my stuff under a different flag than his own, and I can post there if I want to. And I do post there, once in a blue moon, when I have made some stuff and remember that the account exists. FB is just not my thing, and it’s gonna stay this way.

Instagram: This is the social media site that I use the most. I started off with a private account, where I posted random stuff like photos of pets, anime and manga stuff that I had bought, crafts I had made, and other random things. I then decided to open a new account for crafts and drawings only, and I still post there on a regular basis. Granted, I also often forget to post here, but it’s still the service that I use the most for this kind of stuff. I also made an account for my dog and for my Ghosty, but I just can’t keep it up with that many logins, so…

Twitter: I was once on Twitter with a private account, mainly to communicate with my boyfriend’s cousin when she was younger. I never really posted anything there, nor followed anyone or was active though. The account still exists, and I logged in not too long ago to see if I could maybe get back into it, but it’s so noisy and all over the place, and I hate that about Twitter. However, I’m still thinking about creating a craft account to just post like I do on Instagram, but with merchandise only.

Tumblr: Yes, I still use the Tumblr account that I created last year. Every time I post something on Instagram, I jump over to Tumblr to post the exact same thing. I’m not socially active there, but I get some reposts and likes now and then, and as long as people like my stuff, I will keep it up.

Pinterest: I love Pinterest! But I mainly use it for inspiration and saving images that I like. I did create a Pinterest just for crafts only, but it’s annoying to have 2 accounts, and only the one I use the most is really active, so I will stop using the craft specific one. Pinterest is mainly to save things, and not to interact with others, so I just upload my crafts with no links to anything anyway.

Deviant Art: While not a social media in the broad terms that we’re used to, DA is still an art community, and thus a social site. And I don’t use it anymore at all. I do log in now and then to see what’s going on, and if I ever decide to make more bases, I will of course upload them to my adoptables account.

Looking back at what I just wrote, I do see where my biggest error lies: communication. I am absolutely horrible at writing comments and get my name out there. I simply post my stuff, and then I feel satisfied. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to spend that much time on social media sites, because they are bothering me. I hate spam comments, and don’t want to come across as a spammer myself, and it often feels like everyone and their mother (quite literally) is fighting for those 15 minutes of fame, or just being in the spotlight for a brief second. I’m also not consistent when posting, where I sometimes don’t post anything for a month, either because I didn’t craft anything new, I forget it, or I simply just can’t find the energy to jump into the fight.

In all honesty, I think that if I really want to make it work on a social media platform, I need to just pick 1 of them and stick to it consistently. Or I could expand on my current model, and just post the same shit on every social media site I can sign up to… which is already a bad idea, haha.

So… Should I find time in the daily routine that I don’t have, and just sit down for an hour every other day and be social media active? Can I do that? I probably can, but the question is more; do I want to? I really don’t like how noisy social media sites are, but they are the key to bringing my stuff out there. Maybe I’m thinking too much about it, and I should just create that Twitter account and start diving into the limelight fight. Maybe…

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