It turns out that I can go to the creative market both next month and in July, so that’s what I’ll do. Now my issue is though, that I am not at all prepared! I decided to make business cards last year already, and made some designs that were meant for a printing company, but I never really liked them, nor did I want to have 100+ cards lying around, should I never get to use them all, or change details before using them. So I decided to get my own thick paper and print my own cards, which I did. I wanted Ghosty to be in the design, and also a QR code, but both just made the cards look cluttered, and I ended up with a simple text on one side, and my colorful logo and e-mail on the other. I still wanted them to be something special though, and thus I decided to decorate them, and make each a unique little card on its own.

I printed 60 cards, and it was a little too much to make each look different, so I decided to give them a design in pairs of 5, meaning 12 different designs. At first I had many ideas, and it went really fine, but halfway in, I started to regret my decision, because it was hard to come up with new designs. But I did it. I managed to make them look different, and each card is a little handcrafted piece!

There were 2 reasons for me to do this. First of all; people throw away business cards when they get home, either because they don’t use them or because they are ugly. If I can at least make mine pretty, maybe they will end up on a fridge or in a wallet. Second of all; I’m a crafter, and I want my business cards to convey that information to the customer, even when they are not looking at my stand. I want them to think “Oh yeah, that was the girl I bought that necklace from, and I should keep this card just in case.” Now, I won’t make cards like these for every fair though, only for my first. It’s too much work, and it costs me too much in materials. However, until next time I need to make cards, I will come up with various prints instead, so they’re still different at least.

Here’s a gallery with the designs I made. Feel free to get inspired to make your own business cards if you want to.

Glitter Bokeh
Spiral Notebook

Stationery Cards

Glitter Bokeh
Wall Clock

Galaxy Cat #3