Another anime by Netflix, but one where I didn’t know what to expect. Since it was rather short, I decided to give it a shot, but it sure took me a while to complete it, since the first half was quite the mess. But let’s look at what it’s about first.

The police force crew called RIS is investigating a series of brutal murders where the victims are murderous criminals themselves, and the only thing they have to go by is a symbol left at ever crime scene that looks like a B, which gives the culprit the nickname ‘B the Killer’. However, the case is too big of a mouthful for the team, and they decide to get the renowned detective Keith Flick to work with them. He’s not the easiest one to team up with, but he’s just the guy they need.

The young detective Lily takes a liking to Keith, which he’s not too keen on, since she looks like his little sister, who was murdered many years ago, and she keeps reminding him of the past. They make an odd but effective team though, and together they try to uncover the mysteries of B, not knowing that the killer they are looking for is actually the young boy Koku, who is a friend of Lily, but also related to Keith’s past.

There’s not much else I can write about the plot without spoiling the show, but I can’t really give my honest opinion without doing so, so…


As mentioned earlier, the first half of the show is a mess. It felt like I was watching the prequel to a series that I had failed to notice existed. After the big reveal about Koku being the king of resurrected gods though, the pieces started to fall into place, the story made a whole lot more sense, and I started to enjoy it a lot. Up until then though, I felt like dropping the show, because the story was just all over the place. It’s a little sad that it starts like this.

While I liked the two stories about resurrected gods and Gilbert’s murder spree, I felt that the Laica “twist” was totally out of place, and not at all needed to make the story work. The whole idea of him being manipulated by Gilbert into believing that he was only alive to be used as spare parts for Koku felt awkward, and the fact that he was obsessed with fate and thought he could become the new king by killing the current one was dread awful to say the least.

Had they just stuck with the gods and Gilbert, this would have been an awesome show, but as it is now, I neither love it nor hate it. It’s just meh.


So yeah, all in all, it’s a decent watch after getting through the first messy half, but the ending was kinda bland and forced into a direction that wasn’t needed.

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