Or maybe rather the hurricane before the storm, because I’ve been working my ass off to prepare for the upcoming craft fair. I’m proud to say though, that I’m now ready, or at least will be once I get my table cloth one of the next days. I’ve priced everything, and try to keep that up when creating new things, that I package right away. This will hopefully become a new habit of mine, since I don’t want to have to price all the new things right before future craft fairs.

A thing that really bothered me for a long time was the Danish MobilePay, where you install the app on your phone and link it to your phone number and bank account. It’s an easy way to pay (as long as you type in the right number), and a lot of people here use it. I hate it though, and never ever want my private (and for good reasons HIDDEN) phone number to circulate in public, but I always knew that I’d need it for a craft fair. So what to do? My plan was to get a cheap smartphone and an extra phone number, but since I had to get a new phone anyway, I’ll just use my old one, and we went and got an extra number for it, which is only for MobilePay, and nothing else. Now my old phone serves as a mobile bank for fairs only, and people can call the number associated with it all they want, and won’t reach me because the phone will not be on outside of fair activities. Because yes, there’s always those people who feel entitled to use the number they used to pay you to just call you whenever they see fit, and I’d hate that. That’s also why I hate MobilePay; having to give out private details to random people. I just wish that more people here would open up towards PayPal, which is so much more secure and easier to use, but nope… PayPal is still on my list of accepted payment options for the fair though, because I want to make more people aware of it, and also for the sake of tourists.

Now that was a long text about payment options… In the end, I hope that many people still pay using good old cash, and I’ll even be willing to take € if need be. Some German tourists actually think that we use € here, and don’t bring DKR when shopping. That’s fine in big shops, but I’m not a big shop. Guess we’ll see how it goes. I’m probably overthinking this anyway.

On another note; I made some new designs for my Society6 and Redbubble shops. It’s been about 1½ years since I last updated them, and I felt so bad, but I just haven’t made anything new due to crafting and writing. I got a lot of free SVG files from the weekly freebie downloads though, and thought I’d use some of them with my boyfriend’s photos. They only worked with 2 of the files though, and then I took some photos from Pixabay and NASA, that were free to use anyway. I really like the cats with the NASA photos, but sadly their photos were pretty small, so they’re not usable for much on print sites. Still, I like the stickers, cups, phone cases and other small things though, so check them out!

I also signed up for Twitter back when I wrote my post about how I’m bad with social media. I’m still not much for that service, but I do try to post now and then. I also turned off all irrelevant notifications, so it’s a lot more bearable than last time I used it, where I was spammed almost every other hour.

That’s it from me. I’ve not done that much interesting lately because of the fair, and it will probably stay that way until I’m done with both fairs. I’m looking forward to writing about how it went though, and then I can hopefully go back to writing my book again, since I don’t expect to attend the other 2 fairs this year.

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