Let me start at the beginning. In the Sid Story group chat on Line, there’s the rule about not posting dick pics of any kind. I guess we got this rule because I like to post yaoi shit, and it can be too much at times, so now I censor them with smilies. I still post dick pics in the form of Dick Grayson though, because I like him a lot, and it’s a legal “Dick” pic. Get it? Yeah, okay. That’s how it’s been in the chat for a while now, until Thursday last week, where my “Dick” pic became quite the expense.

I was once again searching for a good picture of him, when I came across some photos of a Nightwing PVC figure. I liked them, so I posted them, but then… I had kind of had to have that figure! So I started abusing Google for my fangirl needs, and it didn’t take long to find it on Amazon, at the same price as all other sites that still had it in stock. Since I could order directly from Kotobukiya’s Amazon store, I chose to do that over some site I didn’t know. I don’t usually spend this much money so spontaneously, but since I won the Toluna lottery last weekend, I thought it was okay to buy something nice for myself.

I have quite a handful of figures stored in moving boxes, where they have been for about 4 years now, sadly. They range from Hatsune Miku to my prized Lelouch, and I’m very sad that we don’t have the space to display them in the house. Nightwing will be adorning the living room though, and stand next to my Funko Pop 80 years anniversary Batman figure, which my boys bought me some weeks ago, and which I’m not even allowed to unbox. I’m not really fond of the Funko Pop figures, since I think they’re pretty darn ugly, but the Batman one is cute, and I might just get a Deadpool someday, dunno.

Anyway, Amazon had me pay customs in forward for faster shipping, which was nice, so the package was expected to be here today. Then I got a message about it being held in customs though, and thus delayed… And I snapped. I mean, it’s not like I can’t wait, because I’m used to wait for up to 3 weeks when stuff is being held in customs, but this had already been paid for, and knowing how Denmark often handles this stuff, I just got angry. While farming herbs on WoW, Arthur suddenly started barking at the door, and I noticed that a UPS van was parked across the street, so I open the door, and there was my package. I hate it when I get a delivery and they don’t even TRY to knock and see if anyone’s home.

Oh well, I grabbed my package and noticed something that made me go pale. The package was bent. And we’re not talking just a little bent; we’re talking a crater that looks like someone used my package as a target for football training. Opening the package, the box with the figure was also damaged, but lucky for me (or for Amazon, depending on how you see it) the figure is still intact and looks good. It’s even a 1st edition, which I thought had sold out years ago, but nope. So, all in all, I’m very happy, and this pretty piece of plastic is gonna make me smile for many years to come, but…

Having watched one of Baylee Jae’s vlog videos earlier today, where she spent a lot of time on packaging to make sure nothing breaks while being shipped, and even doing it differently for national and international orders, I want to know how a big ass company like Amazon can be so fucking bad at it! It’s not hard to take a box that’s a bit bigger than the item/s that go inside, and then put in some bubble wrap or other kind of buffer to ensure that the product arrives unharmed. Except for the drawing tablet I bought last year, everything I have gotten from Amazon has been poorly packaged, and one package was even ripped completely open. I’m aware that the damage done to the boxes may or may not have been caused by the delivery service, but when Amazon can’t even package something properly, the eventual damage done to the item/s inside of the box is on their account. I’d be ashamed to ship anything that’s so poorly packaged, and I hate Amazon for doing this. I kind of regret not having taken my chance with another store who had this figure, but I was too afraid of bootlegs, customs and wait times.

But oh well, mommy got her Nightwing and is happy. He’s gorgeous! An absolute treat!

On an unrelated note… Since I won some money over on Toluna, I once again consider buying a button machine. I have been saving for one for quite a while now, mainly from money that I get from surveys, but even after having bought Nightwing, I should still have enough left to get a proper button machine if I combine it with the survey money that I have already saved up. I’m looking around for options right now, since the price on the model I want seems to differ on various sites. Not all that much, but still enough for me to have something to think about. I’m also not entirely sure which size I want, because I use 1” – 1.25” myself, but 1.50” might be better for selling at for example the craft fair, and can be better for detailed images.

But what would I put inside my buttons? Well, that’s something I’ve been thinking about too. I will probably start out with my Ghosty, but I also want to make some with my OC’s, once I’ve drawn them properly. And while we’re on that topic also; I’ll start doing that very soon! The fair next month will probably be my last one for this year, and I don’t expect to sell more than I did last weekend, which means that I don’t have to craft more things right now. I did make 3 small bottle charm necklaces and 3 small bottle charm accessories last week, since my friend who stops by every week to craft with me thought I needed a smaller size of the ones I brought to the fair. I also still have to make some ear studs for my stepdad’s girlfriend, and while at it maybe some more UV resin charms for necklaces, but… That’s it really. I have some other half-done things that I can quickly finish if I need more stock, but it’s no rush. So, what I want to do instead of crafting when my friend comes over is drawing. I’m not good at drawing while talking, but that’s something I gotta get used to from now on.

So yeah. I’m actually being pretty creative and productive right now, and will hopefully continue like that for a long time. And yeah, I play a lot of WoW right now, but it’s a good distraction from the other hobbies.

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