My second fair is now over, and it went a lot better than last time. Probably because the sun decided to show up and it was tourist season. It was a little slow on the first day, but the second one was so busy that I almost swallowed my tongue from all the talking. It didn’t help much that we were 3 tables inside the room I was in, and neither of the others spoke very good German, if any at all. So I was once again the translator, which I don’t mind at all, but it’s a little exhausting. The other 2 tables were a friend of mine who decided to join this time, and the buns bakery, where I ended up chatting with an old friend of one of our neighbors, which was fun.

As mentioned above, it went a lot better this time, and I ended up selling a little bit of everything except candles, gift tags and regular necklaces. Bookmarks, fridge magnets, bracelets and earrings were the most popular, but I also sold 2 tiny bottle charms (one necklace and an accessory). Once again, I got to talk to a lot of people, but one thing that I kept repeating a lot of times on both days was how I made my fridge magnets. I was thinking about just printing a small tutorial, but it would probably reduce my sales, so no, haha.

I also got a few funny comments at both the previous and this fair, and would like to share them with you, so here’s my list of ‘Heard at the fair’:

“You buy all this for cheap and then sell it here?”

I take all questions seriously, and answer them accordingly, but when a guy asked me this at a CRAFT FAIR, I was honestly at a loss for words.

“Can I drink this?”

This was asked by a man who was holding my blue mana potion bottle charm filled with… you guessed it; GLITTER!!! And no, he wasn’t joking.

“Where do you get all these things from?”

A woman asked while looking at everything I had on the table, and was a bit baffled when I told her that I had made every single one of these things myself.

“Why do you have so much stuff!?”

From a slightly frustrated little girl, who had trouble deciding what to buy.

“I didn’t know you were so good with kids, mom?”

My own son sitting next to me…

And then there was this issue with people thinking that my business cards cost money. They picked one up, looked at it… and put it down again. This happened so many times during the first day of the recent fair, that I made a sign for my box with business cards that told people to just take one. And some finally did! I made them for grabs after all.

Okay, enough about the fair, and onwards to some other things. First off; I picked up an old hobby again, seeing as I had enough stuff to sell at this fair, and didn’t need to craft more. One of my goals for this year is to draw portraits of 5 of my OC’s from the book I am writing, and that’s exactly what I started doing. I usually have my crafty friend over once a week for us both to craft, but she was okay with me drawing, since it’s still a creative process, and I finally don’t take up half the table and run around like a headless chicken to look for beads in various places. Yes, she really hates it when I do that…

It’s been over 2 years since my last proper drawing though, if we don’t count my Line stickers, which I don’t, so I was kinda nervous to start again. I did manage one full portrait during our session though, and the next week I even managed to draw 2, although one of the characters was a first-time for me. I now have 4 portraits, although I’m not that satisfied with the last one, but I’ll fix it at some point, or at least when I ink on the PC. Once I have 5, I will scan them and finish them in Inkscape, because I really like how my Bakura turned out, and Inkscape is just a lot of fun to work with. I like the whole vector thing, and that I can make a crisp and clear image for resizing.

Now let’s mix these 2 topics with a third one, because my button machine arrived in Copenhagen few days ago, and I sure as heck hope I’ll get it soon! What does that have to do with the other topics? Well, I want to make buttons with my OC portraits, or maybe some chibi version of them at least, and wear them in my cap. Also, I want to bring the machine to the next fair, whenever that will be, and let kids do their own buttons. It was my boyfriend’s idea, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s always fun for kids to be able to say “I made that myself!”

The next thing I want to save for is the Cricut Explore Air 2, but it’s almost as pricy as the button machine, so it’s probably gonna take a while. I want to use it for printing and cutting my own stickers, but it would also be great for various papercrafts, seeing as I’d not need to look for punches in the shapes that I need anymore. The money I made from the fairs will most probably go towards sterling silver and Swarovski findings at some point, since I really wanna work with high end materials. It’s a goal of mine, but I’m not in a hurry to reach it anymore to be honest. I do very well at fairs with my simple macramé bracelets, seashell fridge magnets and papercaft bookmarks, mainly because they are affordable for kids, and I want to keep making these small things. My jump rings jewelry and chainmail stuff get attention, but it’s by far not the things people ask me about, or want to buy, so I don’t feel the urge to stock up on these things right now, let alone upgrade them to very expensive materials.

So, with the above mentioned things in mind, my next goal is to focus on the button machine, and try to make a few cute prints that kids would want to wear and show off. There’s just this thing… I’m not very good at drawing cute stuff. If I can attend this year’s Christmas fair, I gotta learn fast. But If I can’t, then I’ll have at least 11 months until the next one, because I can’t attend next month due to other stuff.

Well, this entry is getting a bit long, and it’s now midnight here, so I’ll stop yapping now and get some rest. After 3 weeks of summer vacation with everyone being home all the time, I just felt the need to finally write something here 😀

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