It’s been almost a month since my last blog post, and it’s simply because I don’t really have something to write about. Yet we’re so busy all the time that my boyfriend craves for weekend, right after having had weekend. But of course I’ve been up to something during August, so here’s a boring post about the boring things I’ve done.

First of all, I’m watching way too much Desperate Housewives. Like, up to 6 or 7 episodes in a row at times. It all started in July when I had my crafty friend over, but we were both too tired to actually craft, so we decided to watch TV instead. We had a hard time agreeing on something, but ended up watching Desperate Housewives, since we both liked the show when it aired on TV back in the days. And then I ended up watching 6 seasons alone, because I like it so much. I didn’t expect to love it again, especially since it’s already a bit old (or so are the first few seasons), but it triggered my nostalgia, and it’s all I’m watching now. Once done, I’ll watch the rest of March Comes in Like a Lion, and then some new anime, because I need something fresh again.

It’s not like we watch Desperate Housewives every time my friend is here though, and I’ve had this idea of sewing bracelets for quite a while now, which I ended up just doing. I’m not that good with needle and thread though, and it ended up being a lot more work than I expected. I still managed to make 2 funny little bracelets with some leftover cloth from an old shirt, second hand buttons and beads, and some sequins to spice it all up. I think they look fun and different, and I’m excited to see people’s reactions at the next fair. Let me just take a quick photo of them, since I’m so behind on posting on Instagram… Which I should also catch up with.

The biggest thing I’ve been up to for a while now though is proof reading the already written chapters of my story. It’s shocking how bad my phrasing sometimes is, and I keep finding typos although I proof read every chapter when done writing it. I guess that it wasn’t that bad to take a break from it all, and look at it with a pair of fresh eyes again. It requires peace and quiet for me to proof read though, and a lot of energy, and I rarely have either, so I’m far from done with that yet. But hey, I’m done with 7 out of 10 chapters, and am totally ready to keep writing once I’m through with this task!

And I might also have been playing a little too much WoW lately, especially since the release of Classic. I wasn’t sure if I’d even start playing it on launch day, and if it would keep me busy for that long, but it does. It really does! Yeah, it’s just a trip down memory lane, and will of course never be the same as when I played it back in 2005, but that feeling of entering Darnassus for the first time, making my first 1 gold, reading the quest log, having a tight and helpful community… It’s there. It’s all there. And it’s so much fun, that I’m now behind on doing the retail version dailies.

On top of that, the FFVIII Remaster release date is tomorrow, and I need it! Yeah, I started the PS3 version a while ago, but I kinda stopped when I realized that I’d buy the remaster version anyway, and didn’t want to play through the same stuff again. I don’t know how I will find the time to play FFVIII, but I’ll do it. Somehow. I need to!

So uhm, yeah, looking back at what I just wrote, I seem a bit stuck in the past, don’t I? Watching an old series, reading already done chapters, playing an old game, waiting for the next old game… Maybe I just need that timeout right now, where I can relive my old passions.

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