Yesterday, we noticed that Glass was available on one of our streaming services, together with Unbreakable and Split, and we decided that it was time to finish watching this trilogy. Although we’ve watched Unbreakable many times before, we started out with watching it again to refresh our memories, and then we moved onto Split, only for us to decide that we might as well also watch Glass right away now that we’re at it. Yes, it was a long movie night. Was it worth it? It was!

I’m so glad that Shyamalan got to finish this trilogy, and I don’t mind the 15 years time gap, since it fits so perfectly. Before I start explaining why I loved these movies so much, let me give you a mild spoiler warning. I won’t spoil any major plot details, but if you haven’t watched any of the movies yet, I might ruin some surprises.

First of all, I’ve always liked the core idea of Unbreakable. That some humans are heroes and villains, hiding in our busy society while doing their good and evil things. Samuel L. Jackson was a perfect nemesis for Bruce Willis, and the movie’s conclusion still keeps me on the edge of my seat, even though I know exactly what happens.

Split is something entirely different, and during the whole movie bears no resemblance to Unbreakable, other than Bruce Willis popping up during the last few minutes, mentioning Mr. Glass while listening to a conversation between 2 women who discuss the case of The Beast. While Unbreakable is more of a mystery drama, Split is a psychological horror thriller, and James McAvoy does his job of portraying the 23 (+1) personalities of his character so incredibly well. I have no words for how stunning his performance is.

Glass takes place only 3 weeks after Split, and now we get to follow all our 3 main characters that are locked up in the same psychiatric hospital, to their very dismay. While our dear Mr. Unbreakable and crazy Mr. Split are slowly breaking under the psychiatrists talk about them not being superheroes, but instead mentally ill, Mr. Glass is having none of it, and once again uses his brilliant mind and memory to stir up chaos in the city. But his real plan is something entirely different…

I absolutely loved how everything tied together in the last movie, and even offered a surprise ending, just as you think you’ve figured everything out.

If there’s anything that I didn’t like about the last movie, it’s (and it pains me to admit this) Bruce Willis. For years and years, he’s been my favorite actor, but watching his more recent movies is a pain. It’s so obvious that he’s acting because of the money now, and although I think he did a pretty good job in Glass compared to let’s say A Good Day to Die Hard, he’s still not entirely there. It’s so sad, so so sad, especially when he’s acting together with McAvoy, who is pouring all his heart and energy into his role.

Well anyway, I really enjoyed the trilogy, and I think they were worth the time. On a somewhat unrelated note, we just watched The Nun about a week ago, and that’s when I remembered why I never watch movies labeled as horror; because they don’t scare me (I still liked The Nun though, it was very well made and entertaining). However, the horror label that Split got is well earned, maybe because it’s more on the psychological side instead of jump scares. Just throwing it out there, in case Split might throw you off because of the genre.

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