I like autumn. Pretty colors and refreshing rain. Anyway, that’s not the actual point of this post, since all I want is to write down what I’m doing, and how I’m doing with it. I recently finished watching Desperate Housewives, and it left quite the empty void that not even March Comes in Like a Lion can fill. However, it feels good to watch something else again, haha.

I’ve been straying away from reading up on my already completed chapters, but I’m still working on the book. One of my minor goals for this year is to draw portraits of at least 5 of my characters, and that’s what I’m currently working on, since somehow it’s become a major goal to me instead. I already finished them on paper, but they’re not done until they’re all digital and colored. So right now I’m doing lineart and flat colors in Inkscape, and that’s actually a ton of work. I’m using the same method as when I did my Bakura, and that one already drove me nuts at times, so imagine 5 of those. Yeah… I’m somewhat done with the main chara, though I’ll be re-doing his eyes because they look odd I think, and I’m ready to fill in colors for the second chara. Once done with all 5, I’ll decide whether or not I want to try and shade them in Inkscape too, but I might have been driven mad by that point, so we’ll see. Either way, I’ll post them here when done.

Another thing I spent some time on recently is Etsy. I made some printables that I uploaded back in March, using my free listings. I didn’t expect anything from them, and that’s exactly how they performed, haha. It’s mainly due to the fact that I don’t promote myself, because I suck at social media and stuff, but I wanted to try it out, and it was fun. All my listings expire on December 31st, so I’ve reduced all the prices massively before the end. Go take a look if you want to.

And then there’s the upcoming craft fair, which I’m still trying to get ready for. I’m currently sorting all my sea shells, because I have a ton of them, and I don’t need them all. My plan for the small shells is to put them on pins, and I’m not sure if that’s even a good idea, but we’ll see. I still have some completed crafts to price and package, but I’ll get to it. Since it’s a Christmas fair and Santa is coming, I expect more kids than during the summer fairs, and hopefully some good sales. A lot of my stuff is also perfect for calendar gifts, which I also expect people to notice.

What I’ve noticed myself is that I don’t really do surveys anymore, ever since I attended my first fair earlier this year. I actually tend to get really annoyed when I get a mail about a new survey now. I feel that I have less time to sit around for 2 hours to only find 1 or 2 surveys that work, and since Toluna is now being a piece of shit towards its Danish members, I don’t get my monthly “paycheck” from them anymore, if anything at all. It’s not like I want to completely stop doing surveys, but I’m not actively hunting them down like I used to. This is of course something I can see is affecting my PayPal account, but to be honest, it doesn’t really bother me. I’d much rather spend the time doing crafts that I can bring to the fair, and save up for new stuff with the money I earn from sales. It feels a lot more rewarding and healthy.

To-do List

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Little Witches
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Always Love You
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