Although having been sick to the point where it felt like I was gonna die, I still managed to finally update my site for that damn SSL certificate. And yes, it was just as painful as I remembered, and I got the exact same issue out of it again, but this time I chose not to give up. I wrote support and got a fix, so now it works. It’s alive!!!

My main reasons for getting the certificate are of course security and Google searches, but I also want to have some printables for sale here. As mentioned earlier, my free credits on Etsy are running out, and I don’t plan on paying their fees again. I’m just not an active seller, and can’t afford to pay for listing things. So right now I’m working on a store for my printables, and it’s going quite well. Please excuse the mess while working.

What annoys me though, apart from the fact that removing items from the cart doesn’t seem to work properly, is that it makes the site look overall messy. It’s actually just 1 more menu listing and 1 extra widget (that’s invisible when your cart is empty), but it’s enough to make my piss boil. Maybe because I find my blog pretty messy overall.

I know that I’ve cleaned up the blog once before back when I deleted a lot of personal entries, and decided that I’d focus more on the hobby sides of blogging here, but… Have I really been doing that? I often find it hard to even find a topic to write about that’s not personal, and even then it’s still not easy.

So right now, while working on the webshop part, I’m thinking “Do I need to change up the blog again?” Well, do I? I want to, but then again I don’t. I like writing about various stuff here, but maybe I should focus more on the webshop part, and also my products from Redbubble, Society6 and Line that I advertise for here.

Should I write tutorials and blog more about my DIY things instead of posting how I feel about my life and myself? Probably. When looking at my daily visitors, I seem to get the most traffic on my anime reviews, and in second place are articles about useful things like recycling and packaging. My fun things and downloads barely get any love, and neither do my lists about free stuff.

Now, don’t take this post as a complaint, or see it as me being unhappy with some of my work not getting that much attention. I run this blog for fun and myself, so in the end it all depends on whether I like what I do or not. And right now I’m unsure. While I’m super happy with getting to sell my printables on here, I don’t like the clumsy and messy site that comes out of it.

Well anyway, I’ll keep working on adding my printables here, and if you decide to buy something, please do let me know how your experience was. I’ll keep thinking about how to better clean up my site, and we’ll see where it takes me. Feedback and input is always welcomed, though I don’t expect it.

(next day) EDIT: The plugin I used was pretty shitty, so I decided to go with PayPal buttons instead. The Digital Downloads page is now looking like my Shop page, and I like it like that. This means that I don’t need the widget and everything that came with the plugin I used yesterday, and the site is not cluttered anymore. However, I decided to delete some stuff in my widgets which include the Bloglovin’ link, Ko-fi link and the Chatbox. No one really seemed to use these anyway.

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