It’s barely been 3 years since I got my other PC, but it had nothing but issues during my first year with it, and in the end I simply gave up on the shop that built it. It was supposed to be a gaming PC, and it did run Tera nicely, and FFXIV was playable too. Yet it didn’t last for long, as the screen began to make funny colors when using the Windows key, and I wasn’t at all able to play Stormblood back in 2017 and up until now, which made my piss boil. For the past 2 years, I’ve wanted a new PC, but since they don’t grow on trees, it wasn’t that easy to get one.

However, I finally got to order one, and it arrived early last week… A week where I didn’t have the time to even try it. Trying it out during these days I noticed something annoying. It made a weird howling sound all of a sudden, which wasn’t loud, but still caused me to get a pretty hefty migraine after a few hours of playing WoW Classic, which was all I had installed at that point except Inkscape. The fans also started blowing a lot, and became loud as fuck after a while, which wasn’t supposed to happen, since I got a silent fan and silent cabinet.

I called the company that had built the machine, and told them about my issues, but since I had to open the cabinet to test the fans, and I had no idea where the darn screwdriver was, I had to wait until my boyfriend was home for him to find it. He then started playing retail WoW and played around in Lightroom, and there was no sound to hear, yet he had heard the howling last week, so at least he could assure me that I wasn’t insane. I then started playing WoW Classic today again, and wrote down how long I had been playing, what exactly I had open on the PC and how it reacted to it. I then noticed that the fans started going berserk pretty fast, but the howling didn’t start until opening Inkscape.

Hm, well that was interesting, so I called the company again and told them about our experiences with both versions of WoW, and this was where the fun started. The guy I reached was quite familiar with the sound, but had no idea what caused it, except for it being some sort of resonance. He then said that the fans going crazy and the howling sound coming from the PC were 2 completely different issues, and that he wanted to concentrate on the fans first, since they were not supposed to go apeshit after only 10 mins of playing WoW Classic.

He asked me to try a game that was newer than WoW, so I installed Tera, since I didn’t want to pay for a month of FFXIV if there were issues with newer games too. Man, that took ages! Finally being able to open Tera, all my charas were gone, and I wasn’t even logged into my veteran account. UGH! It seems to be a common issue after some shit they did recently, but none of the fixes I found helped me out. So I wrote their support, and just played on whatever it was that I was now logged into, because I couldn’t wait for them to answer my ticket. And Tera ran without any issues. None at all. Zip. Nada. Graphics looked fine, no lag and not a sound coming from the PC. I then opened Inkscape with Tera still running after about 15 mins of playing, and there was only a very slight howling sound. Not enough to make my head explode at least.

Since Inkscape also ran well on its own without running any games, I was unsure of what the problem was, and I once again called the guy who helped me earlier. He then told me that WoW Classis is the issue, and I should keep an eye on the temperatures of the PC and graphics card, so I’m doing that from now on. If either gets too hot, they need the computer back, but if not, then it’s all fine. It also helped that there was an update for the graphics card, so there’s that.

I now felt confident enough to get Shadowbringers and a month of FFXIV. Running the benchmark last week gave me a score of ‘Extremely High’, so if Tera ain’t causing any issues, I don’t think that FFXIV will either. I will not play as much WoW Classic while being subbed to FF anyway, so maybe the fans going bonkers won’t bother me as much. I was still very afraid of having to send the PC back though, since it felt like re-living the issues with my old PC, where the fan I got in the beginning was also shit.

Oh well, now I need to install so many programs though, which is always the worst part of getting a new PC… besides fans being noisy 😀

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