This is not meant to be a sob post, nor a rant for that matter. I just need to let out some steam, but also write about some positive stuff, so it’s a mixed bag of shit and rainbows. Yum!

First of all; we had to send the new PC back today, after noticing issues with a loud howling noise coming from inside the cabinet. WoW is especially bad at causing this issue, but FFXIV is not without its faults, although it takes longer for that game to become noisy, and it also helped to open the cabinet, but that is not a good solution and only works for FFXIV. They’re now gonna take a look at what might cause the howling, and I hope they can figure it out. Until then, I’m back at the old PC and currently re-installing FFXIV, because I expect to at least be able to do Fates and leves when turning down the graphic settings.

On top of that, there have been some issues with black printer ink, which has caused delays in my Christmas fair preparations. We should have gotten 2 of each kind of black, but only got 4 regular printer blacks, so nothing for images. I thought that maybe there would be enough black left for the few button prints I needed, but that wasn’t the case. It takes a long time for the ink to arrive when ordering online, and it didn’t want to print normal either, as long as the other black was still empty. We needed that return label printed today, and I needed my button prints too, so we went to the city and got a cartridge there… at the twice the price that it costs online. Ugh! But hey, the PC is on the way back, and I’ve printed and punched the images for the button machine that I’ll bring to the fair.

Staying on the negative side, I’ve had some major problems on a more personal basis that I won’t discuss here, but they’re annoying enough to make me wanna scream. I hate yelling though, so I won’t say a peep. Some people just need to be ignored, or slapped in the face… with a bus. Agreed? Yeah, let’s move on.

I’ve spent a lot of time making gift tags for the past 3 weeks, because I don’t really have anything Christmas related for the fair, and thought that gift tags would suit my selection well. But damn! After such a long time, it feels like I never want to lay eyes on a gift tag ever again! I found it to be a lot of fun at first, but then it felt more and more like a chore. I don’t make the same batch twice, so each tag is only available up to 5 times, and they’re all packaged in the same bags, but still, it felt like I was doing the same thing over and over again. But I filled 1 big and 1 small basket with tags, and I’m pretty sure that they will attract some attention on my table.

A table that I at one point wasn’t sure I would actually get. I got a mail from the fair about asking to stuff me inside the smallest room they have, behind a new seller who also sells handmade jewelry. I’m not concerned about the other seller (and actually think I know who it is, seeing as I invited someone of that kind to the fair during the summer), but BEHIND them? And in a room where I would only be able to bring half my stuff? Nope! I’m not sure why they wanted to put me in there, maybe to be able to get everyone inside because it’s winter now, but I was already promised at least as much space as I had last time, so that’s what I expect. Since they asked me and I gave them a no, I have gotten my old spot back, but will need to share it with someone else. I don’t mind that at all and expected it anyway, seeing as it’s a 2 man spot with 2 big tables, so as long as they don’t try to take up ¾ of the entire space, there will be more than enough for me. This might seem like a petty issue in hindsight, but after preparing for this fair for months, it was pretty nerve-racking for me to even think about trying to fit into the tiniest room. However, if it had been required for me to move in there, I would have cancelled the fair altogether.

Okay, on the last note; let me make you a promise. I worked a little on catching up on my Instagram account 2 weeks ago, and I’ll work on it again soon because I’ve got a lot to post there. So my next post will be about the things I’ve made. Especially my next gift tags.

Gumdrop Bunny

Galaxy Cat #3

Little Witches
Tote Bag

iPhone Skin