I’ve had some sales on Society6 before, though only 4 over a span of 4 years, but every time it felt so nice to know that someone picked my design over millions of others the site has to offer. Redbubble is a little more well known, but although I offer the same designs there, I never had a sale. Until last month that is.

Since November 7th, I’ve sold 5 pairs of socks on Redbubble. Yep; socks! All with the same pattern, which I find funny. And on Society6 I’ve sold the same pattern on wrapping paper 15 times since November 19th. For a small fish like me, who hasn’t even reached the $20 payout mark on Redbubble, it’s a big thing. I smile every time I notice that I’ve gotten a sale, because once again, someone liked me design over the millions of others available on those sites. It leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling of excitement and empowerment.

It also motivated me to try and reach out to more people via more print-on-demand sites. I once tried Zazzle, but they require some paperwork that I have no clue how to fill out, so I skipped them when I found them again. But then I ended up discovering Fine Art America, which is very much like Redbubble and Society6, and only requires a PayPal account and of course some art.

But boy, do I find their standard to be high. It’s not like they don’t have trashy and cheaply made art, but most of what I found while browsing was very pretty, and they even sell original paintings! So while I felt like signing up there, I also felt intimidated. But then I looked at my sales from the past month and thought “I’m good enough!” Or well, some of my stuff is good enough. The site works very much like a gallery, so the customer doesn’t just browse products, but as the title of the site says; art. This makes me want to be consistent and only offer my vector designs. No old photos, no old drawings, and no silhouette designs.

I decided to sign up and have a look around, and quickly noticed that when signing up with my own name, it becomes my username and site URL. First of all; I’m not comfortable with having my full name on a public site like that, and second… I have Nordic letters in my name, and it looked really REALLY ugly and barely readable, since the letters were not allowed to be used! I then closed my account again, and signed up with a pen name that I’ve been considering using since I decided to publish my book. It’s rather simple, since my boyfriend always calls me The Hawk, and I named my PC corner in the living room Hawk’s Nest. So, my pen name is now Eva Hawk. Short and neat.

Back to Fine Art America. It’s pretty much like Redbubble and Society6 when setting up the products, but the site is really slow, so bulk uploading didn’t work. One image at a time, I worked my way through all my patterns except one, because for some reason, it wouldn’t show the Ghosty pattern thumbnail, no matter how many times I re-uploaded it. Positioning an image also only works to some extent, which is really annoying.

The markup however, doesn’t just fill itself out, which might just be me being new to the site and making mistakes, but if not, then it’s just super annoying. Having to fill out every markup is a sore pain in the butt! I also had massive issues with my resizes not saving, and had to re-do a mug 3 times until it actually saved.

Oh well, it’s still a nice site, and I think that some of their products are very unique and fun, like the round beach towels and mobile device chargers. I just don’t see why they have split their products on 2 sites, instead of having everything on 1, but what do I know…?

I will hopefully get used to their system at some point, but I still find Redbubble and Society6 better and way more user friendly.

Have a look at new shop(s), even if only to see the new bunny art that I haven’t uploaded anywhere else yet 🙂



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Glitter Bokeh
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