According to Etsy, color blocking is a rising trend, and although I don’t usually follow trends, I found this one to look like fun. I also got a mail from The Hungry JPEG about a texture pack being on sale, and while I don’t usually buy packs, this one looked very useful. You see how these 2 go quite well together? I did too.

After some thought, and my boyfriend being that little devil on my shoulder, I decided to buy the texture pack and make something with the wonderful marble and glitter textures inside of it. Sadly, the images are only 3600 x 3600px, which is huge for webdesign, I know, but my plan was to use them for print. I made 2 designs and uploaded them to both Society6 and Redbubble, where they could at least be used for smaller things, which is nice. I really like the pack, and I will surely create more things with it!

It wasn’t real color blocking though, and more of a textured color blocking, if at all, so I decided to go for another design using only complementary colors. And it’s not as easy as it may sound, at least not for me. I tried making something with 4 colors, but every time I chose a scheme, it just looked so off. After tweaking the shapes I had made a handful of times, and changing the colors to pastel, it felt a lot more right… but still off. I then divided the shapes with thick white lines, and it suddenly looked a lot better!

I uploaded this design to Society6, Redbubble and Fine Art America, and it looked good on both big and small products. However, I had to hear from a friend that it actually looked very nice, because I couldn’t see it myself. Creating something that minimalistic and with so few colors felt off to me, and I need to get used to the thought of it being good enough. It was definitely fun to make something using the color blocking method, and I will do it again once I figure out the next look and colors I want to go for.

My bunny has now also been uploaded to Society6 and Redbubble, but although I usually like working with transparent PNG images on those sites, it felt kind of wrong this time. A bit empty maybe. And then I thought to myself, that some of the bigger products would look so much better if the image had a background. I looked at the older images I have on those sites, and yeah… some products would look so much better with a background, even if just a single color. It’s not on the top of my priorities right now to “fix” this, but it’s something that I will surely have a look at once the holiday season is over.

And on that note I’d like to announce, that my New Year’s resolutions are done, and they will go online with this year’s last post

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