Let’s have a look at what got done and what didn’t; and why.

Finish writing my book: Well, that obviously didn’t work out well for me, but I did get to read and correct everything I’ve done up until now and of course I wrote some chapters. I’m not sad that I didn’t reach this goal, because the book shouldn’t be rushed. My 2020 goal will be to write at least 3 whole new chapters. That’s probably a better idea.

Learn crochet: Yeah, I’m putting that up again for 2020 cough I still want to learn it, but it just didn’t work for me this year.

Attend at least one craft fair: I actually attended 3! It was a lot of fun, and I will keep attending as many as I can at the place I’m now acquainted with. This was a goal for 2019 because I had never been to a fair before with my stuff, so it won’t be a goal in 2020.

Watch 10 anime series or movies and review them: I’m actually surprised at myself for not reaching this goal, having only watched and reviewed 6 new series/movies. I did watch 3 other new movies, but I forgot to review them, haha. I will keep this goal for 2020, and maybe try to watch more movies to review instead of series, since they don’t take up so much time.

Reach lvl 70 with all FFXIV battle classes: Okay, this one is a little outdated, and I was away from the game for over half a year, so… When I wrote the goal down, there were only 15 classes, since Gunbreaker and Dancer had not been added yet. I did manage to catch up with all the old classes and even the new ones too, and I love the Gunbreaker class so much!

Make a complete list of all our DVD’s: Not reached, but we got a big folder for all our older DVD’s, so it will be much easier to write them all down. It’s still a goal I want to reach, so onwards to 2020!

Paint our entrance and get the coat rack painted and decorated: Sadly, not reached, but we did get the living room done, which was something we needed more. I’m not sure if I want to keep this goal, as there’s always something else around the house that needs more attention…

Get to 15 recipes in our family cookbook: Nope, because my boyfriend either forgets to take photos of the food, is too tired to take photos of the food, or misplaces the photos of the food. I will keep this goal, and kick his ass.

Draw portraits of 5 of my main OC’s: This is both a yes and a no. I did draw the 5 portraits (6 even!), but I want them completed in Inkscape, which I have yet to do. 2 of them are done, and the third is being worked on though. They didn’t all turn out the way I wanted them to, but with my limited drawing skills, I guess it’s as good as it gets, haha!

Lose 5kg weight: I did that back in January already. I ate a lot of food in December 2018, that’s why I wanted to lose some weight. It’s not a goal I need, nor want to keep.

Finish reading ‘Around the world in 80 days’: Due to a personal situation that I don’t want to discuss in public space, this wasn’t possible for me at all. As a matter of fact, I didn’t get to read a single page this year. I will catch up though, but it won’t be a goal.

Finish the short light novel: Nah, and I most probably won’t finish it. It was a lot of fun to write something else last year, where I worked a lot more on my main book, but since that hasn’t been the case this year, I didn’t need that distraction. I’m also not that fond of the overall story of my short novel anymore to be honest. I find it to be a lot more fun to write spin-offs to my main story.

Finish the Ghosty sticker set for Line: I did that! It’s not exactly a bestseller, but I’m proud of my work.

Finish the Bakura vector art: I did that too! And I’m really darn happy with the way he turned out. I learned a lot about lineart creation and coloring in Inkscape while working on this piece, and I now use my updated skills to work on my OC’s.

Create a smiley set for this blog: Eh, yeah. That brainfart stays a brainfast, haha.

Make Ghosty seasonal art: I honestly keep forgetting it. But oh well… Might do some next year?

Open an Etsy shop for my printables: I did that brainfart! I had free listings from a friend who signed up, so I used those to sell my printables. Needless to say, that it didn’t go that well. Not that I didn’t sell anything, because I did, but it was only 2 sales, and of course Etsy snatched a lot of the profit for fees that they can’t explain. Actually… I’ve yet to see a penny from them. I hate Etsy.

Looking back, I didn’t really get much stuff done, or at least not much of the stuff that I wanted. I’m not really disappointed at myself though, since it’s mainly because I’ve spent time on other things that happened to need my attention, and because of circumstances that one cannot always control.

I got a new PC this year, my button machine arrived, I got to upload my printables for sale here instead of on Etsy, and went to more craft fairs than planned. These were 4 important things that I would not have dared to write on the list, because they were so uncertain to me.

2020 is knocking on the door though, and I want to have some goals ready. So, what to do next year?


2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Write at least 3 chapters of my book.

Learn crochet.

Watch 10 anime series or movies and review them.

Make a complete list of all our DVD’s.

Get to 15 recipes in our family cookbook.

“Fix” Society6, Redbubble and Fine Art America uploads.


2020 sub-goals

Finish the 5 portraits of my OC’s.

Draw 5 more portraits of my OC’s.

Write at least 1 spin-off to my story.

Get better at creating vector logos.

Write at least 6 DIY tutorials on this blog.



Create a smiley set for this blog.

Make Ghosty seasonal art.


You can follow my progress on The Site & I as usual. I hope these goals are doable for me!

Origami Box

Bath Mat

Pokémon Pattern

Sunrise Buck
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