This is where I’d normally do a summary of my Crafty February, with photos and comments on each craft I did the past 28 days, but… I’m not gonna do it this year. I only made bracelets and cards, and the cards are already sleeved up and put away, while the bracelets don’t have enough variation to justify all the work. But let me at least comment on how the month went 😀

I made 21 bracelets, 6 cards and 1 keyring. Why all those bracelets? Simply because the craft fair didn’t happen last year due to Covid, so I’m already stocked up on everything I usually create to sell there. Seriously, I’ve got no more space. However, there’s always room for more bracelets, since they’re just put in a basket for people to roam around, and they’re quite popular and keep potential customers at my table. So why not make more of those?

And that’s exactly what I did! I made a whole lot of small and simple macramé bracelets, which might even fill an entire third basket at the fair. I still have to sort all the new and old bracelets though, so we’ll see about that one, but I know I can’t have too many bracelets in the same basket, or else they’ll become impossible to roam through.

I don’t expect any fairs to happen this summer, but maybe for Christmas. Until then, I’ll surely make more cards, and maybe even more bracelets. It was a lot of fun to look through my second hand beads to find something fitting, and I ended up making room for more beads by just using what I have. That’s one of my goals anyway; to just use whatever I have, instead of buying new shit for everything I do.

I won’t end this post without showing at least a little bit of what I did last month though, so here are 3 of my favorites:

All my crafts can be found on my Instagram, and you don’t need an account or to follow me to have a look, so jump over!

Anyway, it feels good to have done this little challenge again, even though it was very different from the past years. It’s the mentality that counts, the feeling of getting stuff done. I hope that at least the Christmas fair will happen this year, so that my crafts will vary again next year. If not though, I’m actually planning on just including digital crafts and writing, because that’s stuff that I like to get done as well, and those are also a kind of creative craft, although on the computer instead.

With that said, I hope to write more on my book next, since I finally figured out how to proceed from where I’ve been stuck for a while, and then we’ll see where my path takes me. Right now, it takes me to FFXIV, because it’s reset day tomorrow, and I like to complete my 3 Beast Tribe quests and 16 Levequests to be ready to be turned in as soon as possible! I’ve also got other plans, but they’re in their baby shoes still, so…


EDIT: Okay okay Agi, here’s a gallery!

Sunrise Buck
Art Print

Girly Skulls

Animals Bingo

Origami Box