Okay, I finally got it done. I watched the last Code Geass movie, and I’ve got a thing or two to say about it. I’ll quickly drop a few words about the plot, then see if any of my thoughts from my recap movies review have changed, and then I’ll let you know what I thought about the last movie. So here goes!


In the last recap movie, Nunnally was kidnapped, and that’s where this movie picks up, although one year later. It turns out she was taken because she is the child of Charles who is trapped in C’s world, and because of that connection, she is the key to open up an alternative passage so said world. Shamna, the queen of a country called Zilkhstan, uses Nunnally to try and undo the Zero Requiem in order to save her kingdom. Since the main export of Zilkhstan used to be warriors, they struggle during the peaceful times Lelouch has left behind. Another goal of hers is to help her disabled brother Shalio, who is wheelchair bound.

The other main plot of the movie is of course the resurrection of Lelouch, who is now just a shell of himself. According to C.C., he got the code from Charles after killing him in C’s World, but his mind got stuck there, so now he’s basically acting like a child, kind of like C.C. in the original series, though a lot worse. By chance, they meet up with Kallen, Sayoko and Lloyd, who are on the run from the Zilkhstan military. Together, they manage to find the entrance to C’s world in the basement of a Zilkhstan prison, bring back Lelouch to his fullest, and of course his goal is to save his beloved sister from Shamna, but not without the help of Suzaku, who is being held captive somewhere in the same prison.

Now, did any of my thoughts and concerns from the recap movies get solved? Basically; no. C.C. mentions at one point that Shirley is their civilian intel, and thus it seems like she’s valuable. But all we see of her is meaningless. Her invitation from Jeremiah is not being followed up, but I guess it’s one of those things that happened in-between the movies, and that’s why her and C.C. have gotten close. The issue with the broken storytelling goes on, as well as the characters not being fleshed out. All of a sudden, in a rather quick flashback, Mao existed at some point. My best guess is that the recap movies just needed to tell the basic points needed to understand the new timeline for the last movie to make sense, and they expect the viewers to know what happened in the original series. It’s a mess though.

And while I’m at broken storytelling and characters not being fleshed out, let’s look at the last movie. I would have loved to know more about Shamna and her brother, as well as how she got her code and why her Geass was reversed at some point. I’d also really like to know how Shamna and Lelouch are both able to use Geass while having a code, and why Lelouch’s Geass was still working on Suzaku and Schneizel. I can somehow understand it if Lelouch got both powers because he killed his father in C’s world and lost himself in there before being brought back, but what’s up with Shamna? She’s an interesting character with equally interesting powers and skills, but she’s just a side character, although she’s the main antagonist.

The ending before the credits also bothered me. Lelouch wanted to die, but C.C. brought him back, yet he’s fine with living forever as L.L. He doesn’t strike me as the type who would want to wander around the world with C.C. forever, seeing his loved ones die one by one as they grow old, knowing that there’s no one left who needs him besides the witch who brought him back. The post credit scene also bothered me, but mainly because it had no subtitles, and all I could find about it was, that it’s leading up to a sequel in the Code Geass world.

I kinda guessed that it wasn’t over with this movie, because it seems like there’s a lot of new stories to tell in this new timeline. But I don’t like it. If they wanted to continue with fresh stories, they should have made a new universe for it. Not a reboot, but just a branch with a different timeline. One can argue that it’s exactly what they have done with these movies, but they are so bad!

To me, a better approach would have been to make a special episode that sums up the differences between the original timeline, and the one that they want to work on now. Maybe a narrator starting out with explaining that the differences were caused because Shamna messed with the time by using her Geass, or something else that explains why things have changed, while still working on including the new antagonist in the new story. Because I do think that the story in the last movie was worth the while, and deserved so much more than a 2 hour long movie, which goal it was to cram as many known characters into it as humanly possible.

I’m all for a new timeline and new stories, but I hate the way they starting this new journey. It’s bad, and they should feel bad. I feel bad.

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