It’s actually been quite a while since we watched this, and I wanted to write a review way sooner, but I’ve been so busy with FFXIV the past few weeks. Forgive me! Anyway, it’s a Netflix series, so guess where you can watch it!

The series starts out smack in the middle of the everyday life of Tatsu, formerly known as The Immortal Dagon, from back when he was a big guy in the Yakuza. These days, he just tries his best to live a normal life with his wife, Miku, who is hard at work while Tatsu stays at home. However, putting his old habits to rest is not easy, and so the smallest of tasks can become quite an adventure for the man, especially when people from his past life recognize him. Although he always keeps his cool while cooking, cleaning and shopping, he’s still quite the force to be reckoned with…

That’s all I can say about the series. The episodes are really short, actually so short that my boyfriend immediately craved more when the season was over, but they are packed with fun situations and nice characters. As far as I’m aware, they follow the manga, which I haven’t read, but the feeling of reading a manga is definitely there. The series moves a lot in sliding and panning instead of actual animation, but it’s not hurting the flow at all, maybe even the opposite.

I found it to remind me a lot of Sakamoto desu ga?, so if you haven’t watched that yet, and liked The Way of the Househusband, then you might find more good stuff over there. Or the other way around, you like Sakamoto and haven’t watched Househusband yet. Either way, they’re both good 🙂

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