Yeah, I’m a YouTuber now! Well, no, not really. But let me tell you what happened.

It started when I had fun recording some FFXIV stuff. I noticed a while ago that I could do that with just a few simple steps, and it was quite fun. I then downloaded some different editing programs to try out, but I found Filmora to be the easiest and most fun to work with. Sadly, they plaster a big ass watermark over the entire video when using the free version, and on top of that, there’s a short commercial for them in the end. Not pretty. I knew that they’d put a watermark in my video, but not that it would be such a big part of it, that the video would be useless. Nevertheless, the free version grants you access to a lot of cool effects, music and sounds, so it’s very fun to try out.

I then thought about buying the 1 year subscription, because I really wanted to make something more serious. Serious, in the sense of at least getting rid of the watermark and ad in my videos. After a while of recording more FFXIV stuff, as well as shaping an idea in my head, I decided that yeah, I’d get the 1 year sub, because why the heck not?

And so I started cutting, adding music, adding sounds, adding effects, adding transitions… And I had a blast! Granted, my videos are shit, and thus I named my FFXIV series ‘Saki’s Shitshow’, because that’s what it is; a shitshow. After exporting 3 videos, I got a free effects package from Filmora, and I chose the movie opening one, because it just appealed to me the most. I used that one to create my own intro by adding my own text and sounds, and then added it to my already existing video. The reason for me already having exported 3 videos at the time was that my free version video also counted, and I made a quick Kentaro Miura Tribute video right after subscribing.

Later during that same day, I recorded and uploaded my next shitshow already, which is a very short video featuring the Tiny Tapir, because they’re lovely.

Those 2 uploaded videos are also showing the very gist of my channel and what I’m doing; shitshows.

I will not take this seriously, and I will not have a schedule or anything like that. I’ll create something whenever I feel like it, and then upload when I’m satisfied with the result. I most probably won’t make a specific channel for those videos either, because I just made my old videos private and use my old ass channel from 2007.

You can find my shit here: Saki’s Shitshow.


(this entry was in no way sponsored by Filmora, I just enjoy working with it)

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