You didn’t hear the alarm, and now you’re late. What will you do?
1. Just run! I’m gonna be the first who arrives anyway!
2. Stay calm. If you rush, you make mistakes.
3. Take the easiest and fastest way to save time.
4. My little brother turned off the alarm again! I’m gonna teach him a lesson!
5. *searches under the bed for something to blow up the alarm*
6. I imagine how it would be, if my mom woke me up instead.

As you arrive at school, you realize that you forgot your math homework. How to solve this problem?
1. Problem? I’m just gonna do my homework again before math is on the plan.
2. I’m just gonna beat up the girl who is best at math, and steal her homework!
3. Daydream… It always helps until reality strikes.
4. Run home and grab it during break. I can do it!
5. Just explain to my teacher that I forgot them. It’s not the end of the world.
6. I’ll copy them from a friend. What are friends for anyway?

You’ve got a dater after school. How will it turn out?
1. I’m gonna take my date to the movies, and watch the newest Jackie Chan film!
2. I’m gonna play it safe, and do all the old cliché stuff.
3. I’m not the only one who’d like to date this person, so I’ll take them far away, because I don’t like competition.
4. We’ll go where the wind takes us, and see what happens.
5. I don’t care, as long as he/she is following my orders, and is not acting up!
6. I have way too many ideas for a date, because I’ve always dreamt of it happening!

You come home afterwards and are hungry, but dinner is not ready yet. What will you do while you wait?
1. I’ll draw or write something. Time passes by faster when you’ve got something to do.
2. Help mom with the cooking, then we’ll eat sooner.
3. Do my homework, as I can then do something more fun later instead.
4. Make my little bothers life hell! Lil’ asshole!
5. Help dad in the workshop, and hope I don’t break anything.
6. I hate waiting! *raids the fridge*

It’s now Saturday, and your neighbor wakes you up with his lawnmower at 7. How do you react?
1. I’ll use my new Super Soaker to make him soaking wet!
2. I’m at least out of bed as the first one, and will have more time.
3. Turn around and sleep again.
4. Go complain! It’s like this every Saturday!
5. I’ll start working on my wonderful plan of vengeance. Oh yes…
6. I’ll throw every single piece of garbage at him that I can find in my bin!

Friends stop by to play video games with you. How do you play?
1. We all play the same single-player game, and help out completing it.
2. We all play, but pass on the controller for everyone to try.
3. Online, and everyone against anyone!
4. We play against each other, and I like it best when I win!
5. It doesn’t matter, as long as we’re having fun, right?
6. I’m gonna make pudding out of them all, even when they are on my team!

You are visiting GameStop, but you don’t know what to buy. What are you looking for in a game?
1. Something that doesn’t require too much usage of my brain, but where a lot is going on.
2. Something that makes me think, while it’s also fun.
3. Something that inspires me, but where I make the rules.
4. Something that requires me to think, but also has a lot going on.
5. Something that lets me blow off steam, no matter what mood I’m in.
6. Something that’s fast, and where I need to practice to become better.