1. The alarm wakes you up. What are you gonna do first?
1. Nothing for now.
2. Turn off the alarm.
3. Jump out of bed right away!
4. Yell for my mom.
5. First? It’s the 5th time the alarm goes off…
6. Scream at the alarm.
7. Run to the toilet really fast!
8. Hope that I’m just dreaming.
9. Check the news on Facebook.
10. Eat breakfast!
11. Destroy the alarm. I’m the one who decides when to wake up!

2. A car drives through a puddle next to you, and you get all wet. What now?
1. Run after it and demand compensation!
2. Sit down and cry.
3. Keep walking, it’s gonna rain soon anyway.
4. Sigh loudly.
5. Run to the nearest public toilet and change clothes.
6. Wake up! The alarm is still on, and your dog is peeing on you!
7. Blame God for my situation.
8. Write down the license plate and Google him. How dare he…
9. Call friends who live nearby. Help!
10. Write about it on Twitter immediately. Everyone needs to know!
11. Nothing, because stuff like that just happens.

3. Someone stole your lunch from the fridge. What will you do?
1. Steal the food of someone else.
2. Complain about it to myself.
3. Buy new food from the store next door.
4. Eat the sandwich from yesterday, which is still in my backpack.
5. Search for the culprit! He better start running!
6. Doesn’t matter, I need to lose weight anyway.
7. Drink more water to feel full.
8. Starve until dinner.
9. Ask friends if they can share a bite.
10. Turn on the PC, and dive into my own world, to forget my hunger.
11. Visit a restaurant. Heh!

4. Your crush greets you with a smile. What are you gonna do now?
1. Ask them if they’ve seen my stolen lunch.
2. Hope that I’m not still in my bed and dreaming.
3. Smile back and start a conversation.
4. Oh, they’re probably smiling at someone behind me…
5. Ask myself if there is something in my face.
6. Blush and run away.
7. Think about how I can use this situation for my advantage.
8. Ask them if they want to go on a date with me!
9. Love is for fools.
10. Wave and keep walking… My heart is pounding!
11. Plan our perfect wedding!

5. A friend is asking for your help. What will you answer?
1. ”Sure, I’ll be right there!”
2. ”What do you need help with?”
3. “But you can usually do everything yourself…”
4. ”Who are you?”
5. ”What’s in it for me?”
6. ”When I needed help, you were not there for me!”
7. “I don’t have time”
8. I don’t even answer.
9. “This is the answering machine of…”
10. “Did you read the news about Uma Thurman on E! Online?!”
11. „Of course I’ll help, if you hang out with me afterwards!“

6. A stranger tells you, that a different hairdo would suit you better. Is he right?
1. Not at all!
2. Maybe…
3. Yes he is. I’ve been wanting something different for a while now.
4. What…? If I’ll just smile, he’s probably gonna piss off sooner or later.
5. No! And this is my fist, which seems to fit perfectly into his face!
6. If he’s a hairdresser, then maybe it’s true.
7. I don’t care, as I wear my hair the way I want.
8. If my friends agree too…
9. My new styling app will surely show me the truth.
10. He doesn’t even know me, how dare he…?
11. As if he’s got pretty hair himself. Asshole!

7. Your favorite song is on the radio. What do you do?
1. I’ll be silent and just listen.
2. Start moving in the chair.
3. Sing along! I know the lyrics!
4. Not that much, as I own the album it’s on.
5. Cry, because it’s so full of memories.
6. Dance! Because it’s impossible to do anything else!
7. Find and share it on Spotify right away.
8. Try to figure out how I can play it with my band.
9. What song? I have too many favorites!
10. Turn off the radio.
11. Listen to it, but keep working on my project.

8. You’ve got a day off. How will you spend it?
1. With my friends.
2. Going for a walk.
3. Be lazy, and maybe read a book.
4. Catch up with everything I need to do.
5. Call my mom and have a chat.
6. Shopping!
7. Party!
8. Game all day long.
9. Something creative.
10. Watch funny videos on YouTube.
11. Everything that’s fun!

9. It’s movie night, and it’s your turn to pick. What genre will it be?
1. Drama
2. Comedy
3. Fantasy
4. Action
5. Sci-fi
6. Cartoon
7. Romance
8. Documentary
9. Horror
10. Thriller
11. Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s good.

10. Your best friend got a new cat, but it’s not that pretty. What will you tell her?
1. ”Are you sure it’s not a Chihuahua?”
2. “I love cats!”
3. “Can I post a photo of it on 9GAG?”
4. “Yeah… Pretty…”
5. “Oooh, how cute!”
6. “Beauty is on the inside!”
7. “Are you being serious about this…?”
8. “I’ll learn to love it… Eventually”
9. “Can I have it?”
10. “What breed is this?”
11. I better not say a word.

11. Everyone is looking for something in a partner. What are you looking for?
1. Loyalty
2. Honesty
3. Humor
4. Reliability
5. Courtesy
6. Tenderness
7. Staunchness
8. Athleticism
9. Similarities
10. Nothing in particular.
11. I’m not even looking for anything.

12. What hair color do you like on a character the most?
1. Yellow / Blonde
2. Brown
3. Green
4. White
5. Purple
6. Red
7. Black
8. Blue
9. Pink
10. Grey / Silver
11. Orange