Raguel is an archangel and warrior of God who disappeared over 2000 years ago in a major battle where many of his comrades lost their lives. Not being one of those who died, he appeared on earth again in the year 2000 where he was found and fatally wounded by his older brother Michael. Why he attacked his beloved younger brother still remains a mystery, seeing as the outcome of the battle didn’t end in the older brother’s favor. Raguel was found by a middle aged man and adopted as a human named Christopher, after which he lived a normal life on earth, until he was once again found by the heavenly creatures still looking for him…

Since it looked like he was around 16 years old when he was found, he is now estimated to be 33 years of human age. Though he’s not at all a depressed human soul, he isn’t one to wear a huge smile on his face all the time. He’s very caring and helpful towards the ones he loves, and is not going to give up his human life in favor of his old place in Heaven. He is, however, quite curious about who he really is, and doesn’t shy away from meeting the weirdest people both Heaven and Hell has to offer, in order to find out more about his past life. A life he might once again return to one day, when he feels that his duty on earth has been fulfilled.

His skin is very pale, his hair long and black, and his eyes red. He also doesn’t seem to age noticeably, all of which has earned him some unfortunate nicknames in the town he lives in. He usually wears a simple red and sleeveless shirt with a v-shaped neck, 3 small white buttons and a white collar around the neck. His pants are a pair of black jeans, and his shoes are simple red sneakers with white soles and white shoelaces. After being given his ring back, he wears that too. The ring is black with a red gem inside of it. When activated, the ring becomes adorned with small white wings on each side of the gem. He also has an orange crystal pendant that glows the more powerful he gets, but he wears it under his shirt, seeing as the color doesn’t match his preferences, and it attracts too much attention to have a crystal that glows during the day.

His angel power is fire, which originates from his ring and engulfs his entire right hand at this point. It will consume more of his body the stronger he gets. His big white wings will also grow back as time goes by, though they react to his mental state, as opposed to the ring which reacts to his bodily state.

…does this shit even help in the slightest? I feel like I should make this for every chara though, and put it in my world book with a drawing. Hm… Maybe one day 😀

Just a little chibi. I did this for the 3 main charas before revamping the story. His design hasn’t changed though.

I once felt like doing a proper profile pic for him. Maybe he turend out a little too serious, dunno, but you get the basics… right?