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How to dry flowers by using a book

I wrote about drying flowers before, but it’s time for a proper tutorial and basic information on pressing flowers by using a book. And a book is almost everything you need, so anyone can do it! What can you dry using this method? Basically anything you find in nature that is flat. I recommend small…

Gift tags, and more gift tags!

As promised, here’s a gallery of the gift tags I made during the past few weeks. 2 of the photos show older gift tags, but since I just uploaded them to Instagram recently, I decided to include those too. Enjoy! 🙂

Crafty February 2019

Last year I decided to do a Crafty February, where I’d craft one thing every day for the entire month, preferably with materials already available. It was exhausting but fun and I got out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion. I remember thinking that I was unsure whether or not it was…