Eurovision 2018 and other things

I get why some people hate this event, but also why some love it. I’m pretty much in the middle myself, as I like to watch the finals every year and maybe give one vote if I like a song, but I’m not at all interested in the semifinals, regional events and stuff like that. I actually don’t want to know anything about the songs in the finals when I start watching it, because I want every song to leave a first impression on me, whether I like it or not. Getting used to a song is part of the show, I know, but I don’t want that. It clouded my mind back when Lena won for Germany because I watched a lot of German TV, and I haven’t given a shit about regional events and semifinals since.

So, Eurovision in Portugal 2018! The show itself was a snoozefest, seriously. They had a boring intro, boring performances and music during breaks, and it kind of just ended without anything special. I want to be entertained, have a blast and enjoy myself when watching a big show like this, and not get put to sleep with slow-motion music within the first 5 minutes. I liked the hosts though, those ladies were fun. But overall, it was a boring mess. Looking at a steaming hot potato would have been more entertaining. Take a look at when Austria hosted the show, they had a fucking flying Conchita Wurst! Now that’s something!

Moving on to the songs this year, I was actually pleasantly surprised. It’s usually 80% boring ballads, 15% acceptable music, 4% that I might even listen to after the show ends, and 1% that gets my vote. This year though, I found it to be 50/50. Most of the music was acceptable for a show like this, and the performances were entertaining for the most part. The songs I liked the least were Lithuania, Hungary and Netherland. The girl from Lithuania sounded like she was going to break down and cry every second, and it was awful. She went for the cutesy image, but it was anything but that. Hungary sounded really damn good, until the singer opened his mouth. His voice wasn’t nearly strong enough for the hard rock the band went for, and during the last 30 seconds, he sounded hoarse. Netherland… Uh, do I really have to tell you why it was terrible? No, I thought so…

My vote went to Czech Republic, and I knew that after hearing the first minute of the song. He was the only one who made me smile, and I really liked how it was obvious how much fun he had. The song was catchy, his performance was fun, and I truly think he should have won. Yes, I do! I really don’t get why the jury gave him shitty points, but I sure am happy that the viewers voted for him. Being on that topic, I (and plenty of other people) noticed the enormous difference between jury and viewer votes. One would think that musicians, songwriters, producers and the like should know what kind of music people like, but they obviously didn’t. What they deemed shit, the viewers deemed gold. I’m glad that this caused Sweden to not win, because I am so fucking TIRED of them sending in some random dude with a generic pop track. Sweden, I know you’re one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) country when it comes to writing pop songs, but you need to change this shit.

Anyway, many people think that jury votes should be removed entirely, or at least be given less power. Because why should 5 people in each country count for just as many points as millions of viewers? One could argue, that we need someone who can look at a song objectively, and judge it depending on various factors like the voice of the singer, timing and whatnot. But is it really fair to give them 50% of the points to spend on that? I don’t think so. The viewers should decide what they like, and who should win. Give the jury 25%, and then the music that we, the CONSUMERS like, will have a bigger chance at winning.

Granted, it is a SONG contest, and it should be judged as such, which can be hard for us everyday people who get blinded by flashy performances and media. But isn’t she show about performances too? If it was ONLY about the music, why spend so much money every year on stages, effects and clothes? Eurovision is entertainment, and it should be treated as such.

Before I leave this topic, I’d like to spew a little poison regarding the Danish version of this event. I was really close to switching over to a German channel to watch this, because the Danish commentator is a shithead every year, and I’ve had it with his bull. EVERY. GOD. DAMN. YEAR. He feels the need to complain about Sweden not giving us enough point. Norway not giving us enough points. Finland not giving us enough points. Denmark being in the last spot. Denmark being in the second last spot. Denmark being on the wrong half of the spots. Denmark not being in the top 10. WTF Ole? Do you get paid for being so patriotically pessimistic every year? Sweden shouldn’t give us any points if we’re shit, and we don’t have to give them any points if they’re shit. That’s it. There’s nothing more to it. Don’t go ruin our mood by being so fucking negative all the time. I wanted to write him a text, telling him to please STFU and let us listen to the host of each country having their chat with the ladies when giving points, but at that point, I guess it was too late to text him. Besides, for some odd reason, I can’t text their number, and even had to use my boyfriend’s phone to give a vote. But if it’s the same shit again next year, I’ll make a Twitter account just for the sole reason of tagging him and telling him to shut his damn mouth if he has nothing nice or positive to say. UGH!

Okay, enough about Eurovision now. This has already become a far longer post than I wanted it to be…

So uhm, it has been 2 weeks since my last post, and even that one was shit, sooo… I’m sorry. I’ve got nothing done, sadly. I’m actually not even sure what happened the last 2 weeks. I sleep badly at night because of stress due to our fucking retard of a neighbor, and we’ve had more stuff to do than usual overall. Maybe because the weather is good right now, I don’t know. Looking at my goals for this year, I feel bad about not having done anything about them for a month now, other than leveling a class in FFXIV. I spend too much time in my boyfriend’s garrison on WoW, because that’s as much as my brain can handle these weeks. We’ve even got appointments for meetings tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week, and 10 other times I’ve forgot, because I can’t handle that much information right now. We’re invited to round birthdays, a baptize, a student graduation, more birthdays, and that all over the next 2 months. I get sick just thinking about it, and I will most definitely not accept all the invites, because I can’t handle the stress. So I gotta choose which invitations to accept and which to decline, which isn’t fun at all, because it’s all family, and I don’t want to let anyone down…

On a lighter note, I think I’m doing quite well when it comes to saving up to a new laptop. My boyfriend is helping me with a little leftover money from grocery shopping now and then, and I’m quite confident that I’ll have a brand new HP Pavilion pretty soon. The fact that I will buy it in a local shop eases my mind a little, as I won’t have to chat with someone to get support, or even have to pay a high amount of money if I need to return it… which I of course do NOT hope will happen. When I’ve got it up and running, I really want to get better at drawing again. I’ve been so lazy in that department that it hurts, and I’m thinking about doing sketches on Ko-fi to get back into digital drawing. Why Ko-fi and not DA? Because it would be easier for me to not have a shop with set prices and a waiting list.

I’m afraid that’s all I have to write today. I’ve not written anything on my story, haven’t started reading a new book (because who can read in peace when your neighbor randomly starts yelling random shit?), not made any new printables, and I’ve not started watching any new anime or anything. I have taken a liking to Lucifer on Netflix though, and will probably drag myself through the new season of 13 Reasons Why at some point. But other than that, I’ve done nothing… zip… nada… I’m a steaming hot pile of… potatoes.

You know what? I will make a new post in about 2 weeks again (unless something spectacular happens before that), and in that post, I will write about how I completed chapter 4 of my story, what book I’ve started reading, and what anime I’ve started watching. Yeah, goals baby!

Time flies, as usual

My boyfriend had holidays for a bit over a week, and as usual, I didn’t get to do anything really. Not because I couldn’t, but because I just don’t want to when he’s home, as we do other stuff. Anyway, while not much has happened, there are a few things I’d like to mention. First off, I’m now sure what laptop I’d like instead of a pen display, which is nice. It’s expensive though, so I might have to save for quite a while still. I don’t like buying stuff using the pay-per-month offers they have in stores, as the price can double or even triple when doing so, so I’d rather save for a while and get it at the right price.

I’ve also played quite a lot of WoW, but not on my own account, as I don’t want to get back into that game again. I’m just helping my boyfriend out with his grinds, and it’s quite fun. I’m a bit stuck in FFXIV these days, even though I still need to catch up with the Stormblood story, so it’s a nice change right now. I still managed to reach lvl 70 with BLM though, so now I’m playing RDM. I don’t like that class so much, so it’s quite a drag…

I have yet to start reading a new book after finishing Dante, but I’m quite sure I’ll start reading Around the World in 80 Days, as that’s the one I feel most like reading right now. I’ve bought so many books over the past year, that it’s hard choosing which one to read first, haha. I’ll get through them all though, and since they’re easier to read than Dante, hopefully I’ll be able to read more than one over the next 2 years.

For this week, my goal is to finish writing chapter 4 of my story, and maybe start a new anime series. That’s it. I don’t know why, but after doing almost nothing for a week, it feels hard getting back to normal again, so I’ll start slow. Yeah, real slow…

The Divine Comedy

After almost 2 years, I finally finished reading The Divine Comedy. It took this long mainly because I couldn’t really read in our old noisy apartment, and after we moved, other things have been on my mind. I started out with a library book, in which you could see how much it had been used. Not satisfied with the condition of the book, and not being able to read at my own pace, as I’d have to deliver it back, I wished for my own copy, which my boyfriend gave me for my birthday.

Let’s start with some facts about this piece of work. It took Dante 12 years to write this poem, which is divided into 3 pieces; Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. He died the year after finishing. It’s called a comedy because in the 14th century, literature was only divided into tragedy (tragic ending) and comedy (happy ending). It was originally named only Comedy.

Inferno is by far the most famous part of this book, and also the most interesting one. I found Purgatorio to be very interesting too though, as this is the part where he describes angels, and Virgil is pure comedy gold in some places. Yes, you CAN actually laugh now and then while reading this, and Virgil’s sharp and dark comments made me do so a few times. I don’t know if it’s fair to say he’s my favorite character, when we’re only ever really exposed to 3, but I loved him, so he is, haha!

I read the first 2 parts quite fast, but Paradiso was a drag, and took me way over a year to read. Why? It’s not so much because the story is bad, because it’s actually really good, and his writing is superb, but… Beatrice! Seriously, I regret knowing about Dante and Beatrice while reading this, and often wished I would have been oblivious about them through this part. It’s not so much that he adores her, and makes her become some sort of saint in Heaven, because that would have been really sweet…

…if it wasn’t for the fact, that in the real world, they were both married to someone else. Yes, Dante had a wife and 3 kids, yet he still drooled over another woman. It was Beatrice’s death that led him to write The Divine Comedy. I think it’s because he wanted to make her a saint, almost an angel, and on the road to that part, he wanted to let his anger out, hence why he acts like a retard in some places during Inferno.

The work itself is a true masterpiece, but knowing that his own wife and kids were kinda not that important to him after Beatrice’s death is just sad. He spent the last 13 years of his life fancying someone else’s dead wife, and I’m not really fond of knowing that. I’m not religious at all, but knowing the 10 commandments, you’re not allowed to desire that which belongs to someone else. And Beatrice belonged to another man. She probably barely even knew that Dante existed, as they only met twice, from what is known about her.

They were both promised to someone else due to arranged marriages at that time, so I will cut him some slack on that part. But even when he truly loved her, I still think it’s wrong of him to be this obvious about it. Times change though, so what I think right now might not have been important 700 years ago.

Thinking about that though, his work could also be a comedy, because he knew exactly what he was doing. That he wasn’t supposed to spit and stomp on the people in Inferno, because that would eventually be the place he’d end up himself, according to the 10 commandments. His work can be interpreted in many different ways, and I guess no one really knows what was going on inside his head when he wrote this, but he surely wasn’t a dumb man, so he probably knew he was doing something wrong.

Anyway, I’m glad that I read the entire thing, and I would surely recommend others to read it as well, even if it’s only the Inferno part. He was a really good poet, and I enjoyed his writing for the most part.

In case you have stumbled upon this while googling information about Dante or The Divine Comedy for your homework, you’re allowed to refer to this article, should you find it useful. And good luck with your work; you’ll need it!

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