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The dreaded blue screen

As posted last year, I got this new PC, which I was very happy about. Now, I’m everything but. There’s been nothing but issues with it, and I can’t take it anymore. It’s been repaired/looked at 3 or 4 times already, but the shop that built it can’t find any errors. They say it must be my hardware, probably my mouse or keyboard that’s causing issues, as they might be outdated, and not compatible with the new USB3.

My boyfriend tried starting it up without mouse and without keyboard, but it keeps acting like a bitch on her period. We got new cables for the monitor and internet, so it can’t be one of those, and the speakers are only about 6 months older than the PC itself. Since we got it back last time, the cooler also sounds like it’s from a 10 year old PC (and gives off a high pitched noise like a dog whistle), which is a major bummer, thinking about how the tower is called Cooler Master. Master Joke would be more like it.

So, what’s the problem with this thing? First of all, it almost ALWAYS starts up with the infamous blue error screen, and tells me to be patient while checking what’s wrong, after which is will restart. This is where it wants to play Russian roulette with me, as I have no idea what will happen when it’s done. It usually just shuts down (which it sometimes does even before the error), while it sometimes restarts multiple times, but it also does as promised now and then. Last year, it once took me half an hour to get it up and running, and that’s not how a new PC should act.

Once up and running, I have to click on pop-up windows from various programs starting up, which is so effing annoying, especially after having had trouble starting up in the first place. One of the reasons I got a new PC was because of pop-up windows, so yeah. Well anyway, after they’re gone, I should be able to freely use the PC, right? Wrong! When plugging in my extern hard disk (which it can’t even handle having plugged in when I start up), I risk having everything freeze when I start up Groove Music, having to start over with everything again.

Sometimes it all works, but then I’m so scared of something freezing or crashing, that I can’t relax while sitting here. Also, that cooler gives me a horrible headache before I’ve even had the PC on for an hour, which is unbearable. I want to turn the PC off before I even turn it on, and only use it when I feel like I really HAVE to. Thinking about how I need it for basically everything I do online, and also would like to play FFXIV again, this is really no good.

My boyfriend paid almost 1000$ for this custom built PC, but it’s brought us nothing but trouble, and I feel like throwing it out the window, just to get rid of it. But then I’d have nothing at all… I don’t know what makes me sadder; the PC, or the fact that my boyfriend wasted so much money trying to make me happy, which I really want to be. I really want to like this new PC, but it’s just downright impossible, and telling him that hurt me the most about this whole thing.

I’m afraid it’s too late to give it back, and I’m not sure if they’d even take it, because they see no errors when turning it on in the shop, and apparently I’m the only one who can hear the noisy cooler. They already gave us new cables, and even built in a better graphics card (for whatever reason I don’t understand, as that was never the issue), and I feel bad for wanting to throw it back at them, as they’ve been really helpful, but to no avail.

They once talked about having had a customer with the same issues (except the cooler), and that building her a new PC somehow solved it, though similar parts were used, and the old parts worked fine in other PC’s in the future. That might be the next step for this PC, as we’re all out of ideas. I’m just afraid that it’s gonna happen again. That building a new PC isn’t going to solve anything, and that they want us to change our entire hardware, which we can’t afford right now, and I honestly don’t want to. I do want a new and bigger monitor at some point, mainly for gaming, which this PC was originally bought for. But finding a mouse that fits my tiny hand will be a pain in the arse (not buying online, I wanna try before I buy), and although I must admit that my keyboard isn’t the newest G model (110, we have a newer, but it’s huge AF), I really like it and don’t want to part with it.

Right now, I’m unsure of what’s going to happen with this PC. For our budget, it was very expensive, but also very useless. Will a new PC solve the issue? Will the cooler stop sounding like an airplane from the 20’s? Will we be able to get our money back if nothing helps? Will this issue be the final nail in the coffin for me, and I’ll lose my sanity entirely? I don’t know… But what I do know is, that if I suddenly stop posting regularly again, then it’s because the PC is not in the living room anymore, and I apologize in advance.

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