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Stupid title, I know, but that’s how I feel these days. Blah! I don’t feel like I’m getting anything done, and quite frankly; I ain’t! I’ve not gotten a single step further with chapter 2, and neither have I done much about the Bakura lineart. With ‘not done much’, I mean that I have indeed made the lineart, but only the flat one, and my plan was to play with them in Inkscape this month. Well, I guess there’s still time to do that, but let’s see…

What annoys me the most right now though is, that my boyfriend has been promising me to help with product photos for… Uhm, a long time now. I wanted to open my shop back in April, but there’s still nothing at all uploaded to my Storenvy account. I’ve asked him to at least leave the camera with the needed settings when he leaves for work, so that I can play with it myself, and maybe get a few good photos out of it, but… Nooo! He wants to do it himself, which is never gonna happen. It just isn’t. So I’m back to having to take some photos myself, and it seems like it’s gonna be with the phone… What a downfall.

So yeah, I played with the lightbox today, and since I don’t want to use the old Nikon camera, and he has his Olympus settings on black and white, I grabbed my phone to see how that went. It’s just about as good as taking photos with the old Nikon, which means that it’s shit. The lightbox is also not worth much, as it gives just about the same light as the sun, meaning that the background that was supposed to be white, is now once again grey. So I’m quite pissed right now. I hate when people promise you something, and in the end it seems like they just did it to make you shut up for a while, until the topic is being brought up again. Tomorrow he can leave his Olympus with the right settings for product photography, or he can spend the entire Sunday helping me out with what he promised me back at the beginning of the year.

Another thing that annoys me is my current Instagram contest. There are still only 2 people signed up for it, and they don’t really seem aware of the fact, that I am giving away a piece of jewelry that they themselves can customize. I have extended it by 7 days, so it will be over tomorrow, with no change at all. It makes me sad, and not wanting to start the contest I had originally planned for when I open my new shop. I guess I’ll just send the winner a message in 2 days, telling them that they can’t paint those darn seashells, as they are shit tiny, and that it’s okay of they don’t want to win the bottle after all. I just don’t get why people want to try and paint them, when I wrote in the description that they are TINY, and that it’s a BOTTLE CHARM. What is so hard to understand about that?

So these days, I’m mostly just sitting on the couch, browsing the internet with my phone, playing Lake Kindred on Gaia, doing absolutely shit, while being constantly reminded why I hate to rely on other people. Instead of thinking “If I can’t do it myself, I should ask for help”, I’m just starting to think “If I can’t do it, then I shouldn’t try in the first place”. Because if I fail to do something on my own, at least I can only blame myself, right? Now, I could of course go and write some more on chapter 2, or play with the lineart of Bakura, but to be honest, I don’t feel like it at all. The thought of all the other things I need done drag me down, and I already have a depression, so fuck everything. Or, well, I did buy a necklace 2 days ago for 5kr (0,67€), pulled it apart yesterday, cleaned all the parts, and got some new ideas for stuff. It was fun, and much needed, but it just wasn’t enough…

What now? Well, I just had my boyfriend on the phone while writing this, and I told him that I want the photos done ASAP, and that I want to take the photos myself, because else nothing will ever happen. So let’s see if he really leaves the Olympus ready for me tomorrow, for me to finally get some shit done. If the background turns out grey, my head will explode, and I’ll break something. But let’s see.

To end this negative nonsense on a more positive note… A friend has made a sticker set for Line, and it’s really cute. So go check it out if you have Line, and purchase it if you like it! Click the image to go to the official Line Store. (image used with the owners permission)

Demon-elf Girl by Majo
Demon-elf Girl by Majo

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