what did i do in january 2018, goals, resolutions, and other reachable stuff

One month into 2018

Time sure flies! 1/12 of the year is already over, and now is the time many people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve decided not to be one of them. As mentioned in an earlier post, my resolutions can be found under The Site & I, and I update them every time I complete something. So what have I completed?

Well, I’ve already watched and reviewed 2 anime series, although Mushishi was maybe a bit of a cheat, as I watched half of it in 2017 already, but whatever. I’ve also started writing on my story again, so there’s a chapter more done there. The family cookbook is also being worked on, though very slowly, but 4 recipes are done. I’ve got some more classes to lvl 70 in FFXIV, which might not be the hardest part, but there’s still a lot to level. I’m also reading The Divine Comedy again, though I find the Heaven part quite unappealing. Once done with it, I will write a little about what I think about the book. My crafty challenge starts tomorrow, so that’s also gonna happen. I hope I can stick to it every day!

I am also getting better at going to bed. Yeah, that’s actually an issue for me… I’ve always just stayed up when my boyfriend went to bed, and then I couldn’t get my arse to follow him until 2 or 3 in the night. Going to bed earlier is nice, but I wish I could get some better sleep. I often end up only sleeping 4 hours because of noise, and then the day becomes a struggle. It’s funny, since we actually moved away from noise… I guess that even small towns have their black sheep.

Oh, and I think I have found a drawing tablet that I want! I spent an entire evening looking around the vast internet to find something that suited my needs, but it was sooo hard. I actually wanted an XP-Pen tablet, but apparently they are known for sending out tablets with broken monitors, and then not giving a fuck about customer service. Their tablets aren’t that much cheaper than Wacom’s Cintiq, which I have read a lot of bad stuff about too, mainly that they are only worth half of the price they ask for, so uhm, no thank you. Then I found a YouTube video about a new Gaomon (no, not the Digimon) tablet, which is freaking wireless! From what I can see, the pros outweigh the cons for that tablet, and I’m seriously thinking about getting one. Actually, I need a new PC more, but it also costs 10 times more, so I better get what I can, no?

That was January for me. Lazy on some parts, while effective on others. I think it was a good month overall, and hope that February will be even better! I’ve also started using the auto-post function more by the way, so hopefully I can post a little more frequent than last year.

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