our new neighbor is horribly noisy, and we need to get her out asap

Back to square one

Remember my old posts about our old upstairs neighbors? We moved to a little town to get away from people like those. Noisy people, who only think of themselves and their own well-being. After moving, we quickly became friends with the neighbors, and I started to feel better with my constant stress, could mostly sleep at night, and I began to eat somewhat normally again for a bit over a year. Then, back in February, we got a new neighbor…

Initially, I thought it was nice, because I knew the house had been for sale for over 2 years, and of course the union wasn’t keen on having to take over and rent it to random people. She started causing trouble from day 1 she moved in though, and has left a very bad impression on everyone here, and no one likes her at all. She’s had very (VERY) loud music with open doors and windows, where I yelled at her because I was so fucking mad that I can’t put words on my rage. Turns out that one of the other neighbors has also asked her to turn down her music, and the answer she got from that cunt was “It depends on the music whether or not I’m allowed to listen to it loud.” Who the fuck gives someone an answer like that? After throwing a fit about her I called the administrator, who then called her, once again telling her to turn down her music, as everyone needs to be able to live here. And she told him “It’s the first time I listen to loud music since I moved in”, which was a flat out lie, and he confronted her with knowing that, after which she was soooo so so so sorry. Yeah, right.

So we had a meeting some days ago, sadly in our house (because she’s not welcome here, I felt very frustrated having to let her in), and I thought that maybe she’d turn out to be alright, and we could maybe discuss this issue. We didn’t get to discuss anything though, as the meeting was exhausting because of her. It was like having a 10 year old child sitting at the table! She’s rude, obnoxious and selfish! Really, my image of her got so much worse that day, and I can’t even tolerate her living next to us anymore. She either has to shut the fuck up and learn how to close a door without our shelves almost dropping from the walls (our houses are connected via 2 carports, so we can FEEL her slamming the doors), or flat out just move again. The third option would of course be her staying and getting kicked from the union and having to forcefully sell her house again, because no one here can take her shit anymore.

From what I know, she’s brain damaged and almost deaf, which is her excuse for behaving like a monkey. That’s not supposed to be our issue though, and if she can’t take responsibility for herself, she shouldn’t be living in a place like this. This entire part of the town treasures peace and quiet, and everyone who disturbs the peace will be shunned, just like the hooker (yes, she is a former hooker) down the street, and the guys renting the old train station across the street. No one likes them, talks to them, invites them to parties or the like, and gossip about them is hotter than Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Attending the 90th birthday of our neighbor, where the other nearby neighbors were also invited, I quickly found out how the talk about the new one was already spreading like wildfire, and I only had fuel to add to it. Not because I wanted to be malicious or anything, I simply just told them the truth about her behavior.

So what’s the exact issue with her? First of all; she only knows how to yell. She can’t (or won’t, I don’t know) talk normally, so when she’s got guests or is on the phone, I can sit inside my own home and actually listen to her conversations. If I wanted to that is, which I don’t, so I’ve started closing the door and windows and turn up the music. It’s so loud, that even in the middle of the night where all doors and windows of both houses are closed, I can hear her in our house. Of course there’s also the extremely loud music, but after getting a warning, she’s almost stopped doing that, which has also resulted in her not screaming to the music anymore for 7 hours straight. Hooray for that I guess. As mentioned, she also can’t close a door for the life of her. She slams her front and back door like it’s her intention to make the building fall like a house of cards. It’s so incredibly noisy, and I get a scare every time, because I’m usually just silently doing my own stuff. 2 days ago, I could even hear a cracking noise coming from the other end of our living room due to her mishandling of the doors. At some point, she’s going to break something if this continues. Or maybe I will break something… Like maybe a skull…

As of the meeting, I’ve also noticed that she’s a rude fuck who only thinks about herself. I could somewhat ignore her stupid comments all the time (the others did too after a while, but she didn’t get the memo), but it was another thing when she kept interrupting the private conversations of the others, and started talking about herself. She was overall very keen on letting us know about her parents being divorced, her taking back her old maiden name from before she got married (who on earth would even marry her? Poor guy…), and what she bought in Flensburg and at exactly what prices last time she went grocery shopping there. She was also very generous with compliments that no one wanted, like when she told me that my dog was so very silent, that she’d not even heard him bark one single time. Everyone’s faces were screaming “No shit Sherlock! You’re fucking DEAF!”, and other incidents where her compliments were just a sign of her being ignorant because of her issues. Granted, I don’t think it’s that obvious to herself, but I also don’t think her parents or friends have ever mentioned it towards her, which is not a favor on their part.

Let’s move on to why she’s selfish. It’s not only because she behaves like she’s the queen of this entire town, but also because she expects others to pay for her stuff. I once mentioned how she had asked us to pay for her plumber, because she thought we were her landlords. While she doesn’t believe that anymore, she now thinks that the union money would be very well spend on her personal needs. She constantly kept asking what the union has to pay for, and what she’d have to pay for herself. M’kay, it’s not easy knowing exactly who needs to pay for what, but even after getting her answers, she wanted the union to pay for gardening tools that SHE needs. She kept disguising her requests with the words “We need…”, when she actually meant “I need…” Needless to say, that no one fell for her shit, and the administrator just said “No, WE don’t need that stuff, so you have to buy it yourself.”

At some point, we talked about how we needed to get the outside of the main doors painted again, and then she yelled “I painted my apartment (it’s a house you stupid ass fuck, when will you understand that?), so I can also paint the doors!!!”, and the others simultaneously just said “NO!!!” My boyfriend was inside her house after the meeting because of some TV cables, and he said that she can’t paint for shit. Now I can’t stop thinking about what she means when she says she’s good at cooking…

Talking about TV cables. She wants to remove the TV antenna that’s attached to her house, which provides the basic TV channels to all 4 houses. It’s been unclear whether or not we still use it because of the digitalization of TV channels, so we’ve not touched it. During the meeting, she claimed that a professional had been in her attic to look at them, and said that no one uses them anymore. It could of course have been him wanting to sell TV packages, but I don’t know… Fact is, after the administrator and my boyfriend had a look at the cables, they concluded that we all still use them, and they work just fine. So, was the cable guy lying, or was she? To be honest, she’s lied before, both obvious in-your-face lies, and subtle I-think-I-can-get-through-with-this lies, so I’m guessing there was no guy at all, and she just told us another lie in order for her to remove the antenna. It’s staying though, and she can’t remove it as long as someone else wants to use it.

After the meeting was over, and we were only 3 girls left (can I say girls when the other 2 are 80+? I guess I can), we had a talk about the issues we’re having with the new one. That’s when I was told about her rude answer when asked to turn down her music, and also that the other neighbor is annoyed when she “sings” and “whistles” down the hill. Yep, so am I. Because she sounds like a child who has just learned both things, and is tone deaf. She also yells in her phone a lot, and I can even hear her when she’s at the bus stop, which is on the other side of the closest neighbor’s house. So, we all feel bad about having her here, and no one wants her to stay, but the fight for peace and quiet is on me, because I can’t let the others struggle with this. And to be honest, I have no energy for another neighbor fight, but I also don’t want to move because of that stupid cunt, so she HAS to leave at some point. Better sooner than later.

I am currently discussing with the administrator about the much needed house rules, and he’s trying to find a template that we will tweak to suit our needs (no yelling or screaming, loud music, rude behavior towards others… You know, common stuff that everyone should know already), and when they are in place, we can start sending her written warnings. After 3 of those, we can start getting her kicked out of the union, and when you’re not a member anymore, you have to sell your house by force (which she was subtly told during the meeting, lol). I hope all goes well, and that she’s either getting the memo, or will have to move soon. I’d prefer the latter. As I’m not sure how long this is going to take though, I’ve also written a letter to a site that deals with shit like this, and asked them if there is anything I can do, that’s preferably a little faster. They did give me some links and tips on what to do, and advised me to get on it really quick, so that’s what I’ll do!

This post is horribly long, I know, and I’m sorry. Ugh, and it’s not even half of her misdeeds, so I am actually still keeping it short, haha!

Anyway, because of her, I’ve gotten back to my old pattern of little to no sleep, little to no food intake, and overall just being stressed and in a horrible mood. I really want to start reading another book, but it’s impossible to find the peace and quiet for it. I also really want to complete chapter 4 of my story, but that also requires peace. I might start doing both things when I can’t sleep at night, where I can have headphones on because even the dog is sleeping, and there’s no one who needs care and attention at that time. But I have found some animes that I want to start watching, which is a start…

So yeah, I’m back at battling an unruly neighbor again, but this time we won’t be the ones moving!

Fun fact in the end; she thinks we all like her.

And also; go watch Deadpool 2, it’s awesome.

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