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Subbed or dubbed anime?

Ah yes, the question we all love, but can’t ever find a good answer to, as it depends on the viewers/listeners taste. I will write about my own experiences and opinions here though, so you don’t have to agree in any way.

First of all, when I watch anime online, I do prefer the subbed versions, like so many else. The feeling of watching something that’s still new in Japan, in their own language, translated by fans who love the series just as much as I do, is just really nice. Since anime is such a big deal in Japan, their voice actors put a lot of effort into bringing their character to life, and you can hear that when watching a subbed series.

But there are also countries doing a good job with the voice acting after the translation. I’m not talking about America here though, as every time I watch just a snippet of a series in that language, I feel like chewing my own ears off. It’s like they don’t take their job seriously, and make some sort of Spongebob voice on purpose, because an anime is just another cartoon, right? Wrong! An anime is so much more than just another cartoon, and I wish more of the studios who dub them would realize that.

I’m not gonna bash the American voices only though, as the Danish ones are just as horrible. We don’t really dub anime though, unless they are sure to be a hit, like Miyazaki’s movies or Pokémon. Heck, we don’t even get subbed DVD releases anymore, because the distributors think the fandom died out years ago. We still get the newest Pokémon movie dubbed though, so go figure.

Then there’s the third language I speak, and the one I use the most when it comes to anime; German. Over the past 15 years, Germany has become really good in dubbing anime. I know, a lot of Germans would probably want to chop my head off for saying this, but I actually think it’s true. Thinking about how Agent Aika was voiced by actors who sounded like they were about to fall asleep, compared to newer releases like Black Butler, where Sebastian sounds like the cunning devil he is supposed to be, I think it’s a huge step in the right direction.


Whether I watch a series subbed or dubbed also has to do with what I’m used to, and where I can get my DVD’s. Back when I was a bumbling teenager, I watched Hellsing on German TV, and since that’s how I got to know Alucard and company, I also got the German dubbed DVD’s. Code Geass on the other hand is my favorite series, which I watched online, and thus wanted to own the UK subbed version. Black Butler is a totally different story for me though, as my boyfriend got me the first DVD box in German. I watch the new seasons in their original language, but I’m fine with continuing my DVD collection in German. And then there’s Free!, which was a struggle, because I really wanted it with UK subtitles, which didn’t seem to ever happen. In the end, I was forced to buy it in Germany, but am quite alright with it, as their voices are way better than I thought they’d be.

Watching a series dubbed is not always about voice acting though, as it can also be nice to do something else while watching. I sometimes find it hard to concentrate on the subtitles when watching a series, especially when I’m stressed or tired. Watching a series in a language where I don’t need to read anything can be quite relaxing though, and it lets me do other things while following the series. It’s also nice for my son to be able to understand what is happening in a movie or series, which is why I tend to buy Ghibli movies with Danish dub if available. The voice actors actually do a pretty good job on those at least.

That’s all I have to say about my opinion on subbed vs. dubbed anime, and why I sometimes choose one over the other. What thoughts do you have about this? Do you prefer subbed or dubbed? 🙂

To rebuild, or not to rebuild… Is that even the question?

As an Evangelion lover, I’m frequently looking for info on when the last movie will be released, and if there is anything new like trailers or screenshots. Of course, up until now I haven’t found any useful information on the release, other than some sites saying it’ll be out this year, while others are guessing 2017. Either is fine with me, as long as I get to watch it before I die.

Anyway, that’s not the core point of this post. It’s what I find instead of release info that bugs me enough to even write this. I am well aware, that the third movie takes a twist in a new direction, and that many fans are not too happy about it. But god damn, can’t they just stop quarreling about it already? I mean, the story isn’t over until the last movie has been released, and we know what happened while Shinji was in his personal little dreamland, so why get angry now?

I have watched the original series, and End of Evangelion was a very nice ending to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only ending. Just think about how Gainax had to struggle with budget cuts during the making of the original series, and how it didn’t help Anno with his depression. He was forced into making a new series, and boy did he do just that! It was very controversial and violent for its time though, so the budget was cut out of fear of a failure, and Anno didn’t get to move in the direction he originally wanted, as there simply wasn’t enough money for it.

While Neon Genesis Evangelion is absolutely great, it wasn’t what Anno had in mind. I don’t have to mention how big of a hit it became though, do I? This is why he was given the chance to give the series a proper ending, by creating End of Evangelion. After many years of being one of the most popular anime series ever created, it has been given another chance to shine, and this time Anno has the budget to create the story he once wanted to.

Do keep in mind that the man isn’t under the influence of a depression anymore, and maybe his vision of the story has changed over the years. Yet, it’s still HIS story, and we should respect him for even wanting to work on such a massive project once again. Let’s just wait and see what he has in store for us, when the final movie has been released, and we’ve given it time to work on our minds.


On top of that, it’s named ‘Rebuild’ for a reason. It’s not a remake, but a continuation of the original series, hence why the first movie starts off where End of Evangelion left us hanging. They are all titled in a way you can interpret how you want. You can (not) redo. The (not) is up to us to understand as we want. I think Shinji CAN redo, and that is exactly what he is doing right now. The first 2 movies are almost an exact repeat of his earlier life, but because he chose to act differently, the third movie takes a turn we could never have expected. We can’t predict what will happen in the end at all, and therefore I think it’s way too early to judge the whole Rebuild movie series already.

I refuse to compare Neon Genesis Evangelion with the new Rebuild of Evangelion, which lets me enjoy them as 2 different series with the same core. To me, it’s like life itself. If I could relive my life, would I make the same decisions? Most probably not, either because I don’t know I’m reliving my life, or because I found a decision to be bad in my former life. The butterfly effect causes a different action to produce a different outcome, and I think that’s what Shinji is going through right now.

It also seems like Kaworu is the only one who knows what is going on, and still accepts Shinji for who he is, and what he does, because he fell in love with him many years ago. Their relationship might not be that kind of love we all expect from a couple, but there is no denying the chemistry between them… again. Granted, Kaworu was killed in the original series, and shouldn’t be able to remember anything in his new life, just like the Rei clone, which he once said he had a lot in common with. But he was cloned by Seele, which is german for soul, leading me to believe, that his soul itself lived on. With him being an angel, who can say for sure, that his death is the same as a humans? Wouldn’t it be possible for his soul to return to his newly cloned body in the future, and watch over Shinji from the moon? In the third movie he also told Shinji, that they would meet again. Will he show up in the last movie, or did he mean that history will repeat itself once more?

I could go on like this for a long time, but I won’t, as we all have our own opinion on this series, the characters, and how it all works. I just wanted to let out some steam, because all those people who dis the movies before they are even over really need to just wait for the ending, and THEN they can say whatever they want about the whole thing. I’m (im)patiently waiting for the last movie, because I want to know what happens before I judge the rebuild. I like it so far though, and think Anno is doing a good job. Now dear Anno; finish it!

What’s your opinion on this matter? Am I just being oversensitive? Isn’t Kaworu just the greatest angel ever to walk on God’s Earth? Erhm… Forget the last one 😀

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi – Review

As my first entry, I’d like to review an anime I watched recently. It was so good, that I watched all 12 episodes in a row, which was my first time to do such a thing. My head was spinning afterwards, but I felt good!

Boku dake ga Inai Machi starts out being about a young man named Satoru Fujinuma, who really wants to become a good manga artist, but he fails every time he hands in an idea to his boss, who tells him to dig deeper into himself when creating a story. Because he cannot live on being a struggling manga artist, his main job is delivering pizzas, which he seems quite content with. One day, as he is out delivering a pizza, he notices a sparkling blue butterfly and time jumps a few minutes back, which allows him to avoid an accident, and rescue a little boy from being run over by a truck, driven by a dead driver.

He is the only one who gets injured, and ends up in the hospital, where we get to know, that these time jumps are nothing new to him, and he has named them ‘Revival’. They occur every time something is about to happen, and he gets the chance to change the outcome of the situation he is reliving, as long as he can spot what is wrong with the picture.

He continues living his everyday life, until he finds his murdered mom in his apartment, and since he has blood on his hands from trying to wake her up, a neighbor who happened to stop by calls the police, and the hunt for him begins. Of course he wants to change this situation, and for the first time, he forces a ‘Revival’ upon himself, wanting to change the future, and bring his mom back to life by avoiding her murder.

He succeeds in doing so, but ends up as his elementary school self in the past, where the murder on his mom seems to have its roots. It’s around the same time, as his classmate Kayo disappears, only to be found murdered later the same year. Kayo was the first of 3 victims, and Satoru sets out to rescue all of them, as he believes this will change the future, and also spare his mom from death, if he can find the culprit behind this string of murders.


That about wraps up the first episode of the series, as well as what the rest is all about. Every episode has a highlight, where we get to know a little bit more of what happened in the past, and no second of the entire series seems like a waste of time or filler. I was hooked to my chair the entire time, and even skipped the openings and endings.

The characters are all wonderful and divergent, and all have their own place in the story. You want to like them all, but you also know that one of them is the murderer, and get an uneasy feeling when someone says or does anything suspicious, even if it’s just a kid. The reveal of the culprit doesn’t really come as a big surprise, but it doesn’t matter, as the big twist in the story is being shown afterwards, using the last 2 episodes to turn the story once again, and leaving the viewer think about what actually happened in the past, and why.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi is quite similar to The Butterfly Effect and The Girl Who Leaped Through Time, as it is a story of jumping back in time to rewrite the future. It also doesn’t hide that it’s about the butterfly effect, as Satoru sees a blue butterfly every time ‘Revival’ happens to him, and it shows both his success and failure in doing so.

Overall, it’s a very dark series, but it has some fun moments, and surely leaves you thinking about your past actions in your life. If you like drama, thriller and mystery genres, this might be a series you’re going to enjoy just as much as I did!

Have you already watched it? What’s your opinion on it? If not, do you want to watch it now? 🙂