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Annoying people in MMO’s… and how to avoid being one of them

I like playing MMO’s. It can be very fun and relaxing, if you play a good game with some nice people. But like everywhere on the internet, there are people who just want to ruin your day. Some might do it on purpose, while others simply don’t know how annoying they really are. Here is my personal list of annoying behavior in MMO’s, and how to stop being that rude bum, who I’ll be likely to hate. The list is in no particular order.

Duelists: Games with the ability to duel are plenty, and those who want to use that option are also plenty. But I wonder, do they ever think about if others want to duel them? I’ve only ever done duels, when there was an easy achievement involved, or because it was my first time ever in the game, and I wanted to try it out. But overall, I don’t want to duel! I actually despise PVP, which is why I am often on RP servers. People who walk up to me, and try forcing me into a duel, without even asking me first, are just plain pricks, and they won’t get any reaction from me, other than maybe an ignore. Quite often, those people are over geared, and just looking for an easy win anyway, which is why they often target new or casual players. To avoid coming across as an idiot, just contact the person whom you want to duel first, and make sure that person is around your level of experience. If anything, state in the chat, that you are looking for a duel partner, and you might just find a few like-minded people to share your interest with.

Little helpers: This might just be me having issues with such people, but I really hate it, when someone is following me all the time, attacking my monsters, and get impatient when I’m AFK… when I don’t even know who that person is. The same goes for those who want to give me free stuff when I’m low level, and just open a trade without asking. Chances are, the character I’m playing is just an alt, and I really don’t want freebies, because I’m already loaded with tons of stuff from other characters. Once again, I recommend asking before just “helping”, as you might be seen as someone who wants something for your effort, or even worse, as someone who is trying to steal mobs from other players. It’s really nice to help others, but not if they never asked for it.

LFG / WTS spam: Yeah, I get it. You are looking for a tank for that specific dungeon, and I understand it’s hard to find one. I also understand, that you have a nice item you want to trade for cash, because to you that item is useless, but to someone else it might be a true treasure. But do you really have to let the whole server know 10 times every second? I don’t know about others, but I tend to avoid such people, and won’t join their group or buy their stuff. Instead of spamming, try writing a short and neat recruitment message, and post it every time you need to update it, or when one minute or more has passed. As for item sales, there is usually a market of some sort, where you can put your stuff up for sale. Advertising for something that is up for grabs a few times, is better than spamming for people to meet you at the fountain.


Random invites: I know this irks a lot of people, if not just about everyone who gets them. That random invite from someone you don’t know, and after the random invite, probably someone you don’t even WANT to know. Being guildless doesn’t mean I want to join any random guild on the server, so don’t throw invites at me, as it will just cause me to do the exact opposite of what you want me to. Same goes for group invites, as I will not join a group by force. I’ll just think you are an idiot, and plant your sorry bum on my blacklist of other people like you. So don’t be a jerk, and send out random invites to people you don’t know. Ask before you do anything, and you will either get a yes or no. I usually answer people who politely ask me if I want to join their guild or group, and even if it’s a no, I’ll do it in a nice way. That way, we can both leave a good impression on one another, and maybe I’ll join someday.

I could say that I hate ninja looters too, because I do. But that’s something I’ve only ever experienced to the fullest in WoW, as other games try their best to avoid such methods of item obtainment.

The list would become too long, if I were to write about every kind of person that can make me angry in an MMO, but these 4 kinds of people are the worst really, and they should paint a good picture of what sort of gamers I avoid.

If you play MMO’s, or did in the past, I’m sure you’ve met some of them, and maybe even have a story to tell? Let me know what people ruin your gaming experiences, and how you would like them to stop being jerks towards you. Who knows, maybe some of them will read this, and think twice about their actions 🙂

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Going to the cinema is not always fun

You guessed it! We went to watch Kung Fu Panda 3 this weekend, and it was great. I can only recommend the movie. You’d have to watch the previous 2 movies first though, as the third one refers a lot to them. But that’s not what I want to write about today. Actually, it wasn’t my plan to write about this topic at all, as I had something else in mind for today, but since this is a blog, writing down my thoughts is part of the job.

Don’t we all know them? Those people who can’t behave when going to the cinema, and ruin the experience for everyone else. Yeah, I bet you have met some of them, if not many, because they seem to be at every movie. Here is my list of annoying cinemagoers, where you might recognize some ugly behavior… or maybe not. Lucky you then!

Let me kick your chair for you: This was one of the types I met in an almost empty cinema this weekend. Okay, I get that it can be quite uncomfortable to sit in those chairs after a while, and when repositioning your bum, you might end up with your foot in the seat in front of you. It can happen… once. When it happens twice, you’re just being a jerk. When it happens 3 – 10 times though, you need to seriously consider leaving the movie, and go stretch your legs elsewhere, because this is the time when I’m about to turn around and break your ankle.

Let me make sure you heard what I said: The same guy, who kicked my seat, was also in this category. It’s okay to talk during a movie, if you do it real quiet, and as little as possible. If you want to talk normally, and even repeat everything that is being said and done in the movie, wait for it to come out on DVD, and go be a jerk in your own living room. Seriously, it’s like people talking on the phone on the bus; no one wants to be forced to listen to your boring conversation!

I just need to check Facebook: No you don’t. Keep that phone in your pocket, and don’t touch it until the movie is over. People who start checking their phones should either leave the darn thing in the car, or stay at home where the light from the screen doesn’t bother anyone. What’s up with not being able to just stay off the dead cold thing for 1 – 2 hours? Is it really so important to like the picture of Jessica’s newly done nails? If it is, you should have joined her in the nail salon, instead of going to watch a movie you’re not even watching anyway.

I can’t leave the kids home alone: Yes, you actually can, if you get someone to watch them. I’ll never lose enough brain cells to understand the parents who bring their small kids to a movie that was not meant for their eyes, and then let them talk and cry during the whole film, because they are either bored or scared. If you really want to go watch that new horror movie, but can’t get someone to look after your precious little brat, you just don’t go watch it. It’s as simple as that, and believe me, it’s better for the kid not to go.

Of course, there are a lot more things which can annoy you while wanting to watch a movie, like the 2 meter tall guy who has an afro under the hat, and just HAS to sit in front of you. But these are the ones that irk me the most, because their behavior is just plain rude, and they could actually do something about it if they wanted to.

We all paid for the ticket and just want to have a good time watching a movie, so why do some people always have to ruin the experience for others? I just don’t get it. I’d love to watch more movies on the big screen, but since it’s usually such a pain in the bum, I’d rather just stay at home, and wait for the DVD to come out.

Do you agree with me, or are you strong enough to not let such people bother you? Got something to add? I’d love to know 🙂

Image: Dreamworks