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Devilman Crybaby – Review

Since my YouTube feed started bombarding me with videos about this series, I decided to just go for it and watch it on Netflix. I binge watched all 10 episodes yesterday, and although I had time to think about what to write today, I still don’t really know what words to use. But let’s start off with a summary of the plot.

Akira is a normal boy going to high school, who runs with his friends for sport and games, until he meets his old childhood friend Ryo. He asks the boy to come with him to a Sabbath party, which is the new hip thing, and supposedly the place to summon demons. At the party though, they meet people who go wild on the dancefloor, have sex in every corner, and take pills that make them go even crazier. Akira swallows one of these pills, and starts feeling sick, at which point Ryo breaks a bottle and starts stabbing people, because if you want to summon a demon, you have to spill blood.

And it works. People start turning into demons, and eat each other. Just as Akira is about to get eaten though, he turns into a demon himself, and shreds the party to pieces with his new powers. Instead of becoming a fully fletched demon though, he still has his human heart, and thus is able to control his powers, to the delight of Ryo. The two boys now set out to destroy the demons that torment humans, but there is always the risk of being exposed, and some demons are actively seeking the one who possesses Akira, as he is not unknown to them.

Hiding his new self is not an easy task, and as demons start closing in on him through family and friends, Akira has to take matters into his own hands, and not only rely on Ryo, who seems a bit shady anyway. What seemed to only be a battle between humans and demons quickly turns into something way bigger than anyone could imagine, or even handle.

Now, I want to keep this review spoiler free, so I’ll only drop a few words about my opinion. First off; it’s filled with blood, sex, gore, and heavy violence, so don’t watch it if you’re not up for that. Although it does suit the story, I think it’s sometimes too much, and the time would have been better spent on either character development or story, as it has some unanswered questions, and other than Akira, I didn’t get to feel anything for the other characters. I would also have liked to get to know some of the demons better, as there were obviously some that were more relevant than others.

In the end, it felt like 10 episodes were not enough. Although the overall story is being told well, and you get what it’s all about, it needs some spice. I haven’t read the original manga, and probably never will, so I’ll just take it as a stand-alone anime series, and it didn’t really deliver the experience I was hoping for when I was done with the first episode. Yet, it still gives food for thought, and if you don’t mind the heavy violence and sex scenes, then you should give it a try.

Mushishi – Review

I finally got around to watching the last few episodes of Mushishi, and it was goooood! I’m definitely going to watch Zoku Shou too, but let me review this before I go on to watch more.

Mushishi might not be a series for everyone, but if you’re one of those who are tired of flashy rainbow colors, high pitched voices and fancy soundtracks, you might want to give this a watch. It’s a supernatural series about beings called mushi, which are neither plants, animals or human, but they sure have a huge impact on the world. They can be compared to small ghosts with various abilities, which affect their surroundings in different ways. Not all people can see them, but some of those who can become mushi-shi, who gather information about the beings to better understand them, and also to help the people who get infected by malicious mushi.

One of these mushi-shi is called Ginko, a white haired man with only one eye in the color of teal. While he’s calm and friendly, his past is shrouded in mystery, and not much is known about it, if anything at all. As he wanders to the places he is being called to, he both discovers new mushi, but also treats people for already well-known mushi, making him a person many put their trust in, and sometimes call again when they need further help. He seems mostly interested in gathering information about them, rather than just killing them off though, and since not all people want his help, and instead accept the effects of some mushi, he consents to that too, if it causes no harm to the people around them.

Every episode tells its own little story, and we even get to know small details about Ginko along the way, by either having an episode revolve around his past, or people knowing him from earlier days. While there is no red thread going through all the episodes, it still feels consistent because of Ginko’s way of just wandering from place to place. The happenings do intensify during the last few episodes though, and some loose ends are being tied up.

Mushishi is not only about the mushi though, as the characters introduced in every episode grow on you, and their stories about death, sadness, love and peace play a big part in how Ginko decides to help them. The soothing opening sets a perfect tone for the series, and I actually missed it during the episodes where it was being skipped for more story time. While the colors are toned down, the screen always lightens up when a mushi is around, which make them seem magical and elusive. Everything just fits together in its own kind of way, and it even has its funny little moments.

Give it a try 🙂

Little Witch Academia – Review

So I finally watched the last episode of the first season of Little Witch Academia, and it was fun! I had previously watched the 2 movies, so I was really looking forward to the start of the series, but it just took me sooo long to watch it all, because I had tons of other stuff I wanted to do. At first, I found it to resemble the movies quite a lot, but after the first episode, the new story started.

We follow Akko on her way to the academy, but since she is just an ordinary human, and not at all anything that resembles a witch, she has a hard time even finding it. She tags along with 2 other students, Sucy and Lotte, who help her get to her destination, as they are all going to the same place anyway. It is at this time Akko finds out what a struggle her new life will be, as it requires her to be able to fly on a broom to even enter the academy, which she can’t do.

As she arrives at the academy though, she gets paired up with Sucy and Lotte, and they get to share a room together. While Sucy is into mushrooms and weird brews, Lotte is the more invisible and silent type. It doesn’t take long for Akko to get her newfound friends into all sorts of trouble, because of her lack of magic powers and knowledge, but they stick together and get by. It is being revealed, that a teacher named Ursula is in charge of Akko, as she is the only one who believes in her.

While Akko is dreaming of becoming a great witch like her idol Chariot, she actually obtains her old magical wand, which is part of something way bigger than the little new witch can handle. She grows with every challenge though, which she decides to manage in her own peculiar ways. It’s not easy when being an ordinary human though, and having a rival who is good at basically everything, the famous daughter of a long line of witches, Diana; things get spicy at the academy.

I found it to be a joy watching Akko, Sucy and Lotte find each other, and witnessing how their friendship keeps growing with every obstacle they manage to overcome. Diana is also a great counterpart to Akko, and although she is stuck up, she’s still kind of likable, as she makes mistakes which she cannot correct alone, leaving her to sometimes relying on Akko’s weird ideas.

Of course it’s not all fun and games, as there is a bigger story behind it all, which I cannot wait to see in season 2. I will not spoiler anything in this review, but believe me when I tell you, that if you also watched the 2 movies first, then you know nothing of what is to come. So go dive into the weirdness of Akko and her friends 🙂