This and that… and then some more

Okay, it’s been a while, so I figured I better write a few words about what is happening here, although it’s not much. So, my pen display arrived last week, and I was thrilled! But then my excitement turned into frustration, as I found out there was no signal at all when I plugged it into my monitor’s HDMI port. I then tried using the PC’s port, and then the display worked, but the stylus didn’t and I couldn’t access the configurations for the display. I then got an HDMI splitter, which of course didn’t work. Then yesterday, I bought a very expensive USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter, because my PC has tons of USB ports. I can now turn on the display, but it says ‘HDCP Disabled’, and there is absolutely no connection to the PC other than the wallpaper being shown on the display. I just wrote Gaomon a mail, and hope they can help, or I’ll have to send this baby back, which would pain me.

So because of all the failures with the display, I’ve not been at the PC much, because it made me disappointed and frustrated. I did manage to somehow level my Dragoon to 70 though, and I’m now working on Samurai… Oh yay for that. Yeah, it feels kind of hard to feel happy for it right now. I’ve also not gotten around to reading the rest of Dante, because I’ve just been sitting in front of the TV watching New Girl. I’ve made no new printables or other stuff either. I’ve just been pissed and in a bad mood. Our new neighbor doesn’t help either, she’s an IDIOT. I have to write that an all caps and it still isn’t enough to express how I truly feel about her…

Seriously though, I now know that she doesn’t want to pay the internet bill, and that’s why the guys with the cables packed their stuff and left before being done. I also know that she’s not even got a proper phone subscription, probably because she doesn’t want to pay for that either. But she wants to break down walls to install doors, and now she’s talking about installing a greenhouse… What the fuck is wrong with that bitch? She also managed to shatter my last little piece of patience with her by having very loud music with all windows and doors open. When I saw her outside, I snapped and yelled at her. No pretty words were said that day. The administrator then called her, giving her the first warning, and she flat out lied to him, trying to tell him that it was the first time she had loud music. He then made it very clear to her, that he’s gotten many complaints ever since she moved in last month, and she was suddenly veeery sorry. Oh, and don’t get me started on her random yelling both inside and outside her house. She must be very mentally ill, and not suited to live in a place like this, and we’re all ready to throw her out of the house. Seriously, we are 4 houses, and the 3 of them are against her. She is the embodiment of everything we moved away from, and this won’t end well for her, because I’m done dealing with people like her.

On a positive note, I posted my Crafty February stuff on the FB account that my boyfriend manages for me, and I got some response. I actually got an assignment to make a ring bracelet using old gold and silver jewelry. It’s for one of the volunteers from the local second hand shop, so I know her a little, and we had a chat about what she wants. She will roam through her old jewelry to see what she can part with, and then we’ll see. I have to wait for about 2 weeks though, as they have closed during Easter. She actually didn’t expect me to accept her request, or at least not that fast, but although I have never made a ring bracelet before, I’m pretty confident, as this is right up my alley.

Sooo yeah… Sorry if I’m silent right now. I just have some stuff to sort out, and am not really in the mood for anything. I just want the pen display to finally work. I want for the neighbor to move again. And I want to be able to relax again. The stress I’m going through right now because of the 2 mentioned issues is immense, and I can now feel it physically. Ugh… Over and out!

Some roads end early

No, the title is not meant to be tragic! I’ve just noticed how I strike more and more things on my to-do list, and every goal reached is a journey that ends. The end of a road. Thinking about how it’s only March, I’m actually quite proud of myself, and how that I can keep this up for the rest of the year, as some goals will surely take quite a long time to be completed still. So yeah, this is a post about my goals, and nothing really interesting, haha.

I think I mentioned it in an earlier post, but I finished chapter 3 of my story earlier this month, which was one of the things I wanted to do before the end of the month, so that’s nice. I’ve already started chapter 4, and it’s going along smoothly. It’s one of the good things about taking your sweet time when thinking about what should happen next. Of course I have a rough idea of the whole thing in my head, but I like to improvise, because the bare skeleton of a story is never enough. That goal went from 3 to 4 this month (including chapter 0).

I’m also done saving for my pen display, so I’ll be ordering one as soon as PayPal decides to give me my money. My plan was to wait until April, but since it’s on sale in the Amazon UK shop, I don’t think it’s a good idea to wait too long. I expect to have it before the month is over, and you’ll never see me again, because I’ll be in another world forever… Okay, no, I just want to draw stuff faster than my old touchscreen laptop can manage, and I can’t wait. Goal will be completed when I’ve got the tablet and know it works.

Few days ago, I leveled Dark Knight to 70 in FFXIV, so this goal is 2/3 done now, which is nice. Leveling tanks always takes me forever, but they are all done now. I’ve started leveling Dragoon, and am already at lvl 65, which is really nice. I’m still catching up on some old stuff, but it’s slowly going forward.

Both reviews and recipes are not really moving forward right now, sadly. I do watch Dame x Prince, but it’s on-going, so I can’t just binge watch everything at once. I also have some recipes ready for printing, but the printer is almost out of ink soon, as I’m working hard on my printables. It’s not like I’m behind on either of these goals though, so I’m relaxed.

My sub-goals aren’t that important, as they are just goals I’ve set in case that I need a break from my main goals of this year. I have written a second chapter of my short story though, and of course I’m still reading Dante, which I expect to finish this month.

My brainfarts on the other hand are almost done, hoorray! These goals were for fun, and I will probably add more if I can think of something I’d like to do. I barely just uploaded my first to-do planner design, so that one is done. The smiley set is something that I might not want to do after all, as I can’t seem to find an up to date plugin for WP that supports your own emojis, and I’m not sure if changing the codes is going to work, as I’ve read some bad stuff about it. The floating GIF was already done a while ago, and Crafty February was a success.

Overall, I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved so far, and I hope that I can keep this up for the rest of the year. Then I will surely complete all goals I’ve set my mind to, and maybe even more 🙂

Printables vol. 2 – I actually opened my shop!

I’ve been a very busy bee these last 5 days, and have managed to open my Storenvy shop! Sadly not with jewelry and accessories like I wanted to, because of that darn P.O.Box thing, but I can sure as hell still sell downloads, and that’s what I started doing. The same day I posted about my new passion for printables, I uploaded my first product that’s officially for sale, and it’s been going good since.

Yesterday, I added a door hanger to the selection, and today I put up a calendar containing the 3 months of spring. I will of course start working on a summer version for June, July and August before the current calendar expires, but right now I’m very happy with the stuff I have up already. Maybe 3 listings ain’t much, but to me it’s the world right now. I’m having so much fun creating these printables, and I hope it reflects in my work. I print everything I make myself before putting it up for sale, to make sure it’s working as intended, and that the quality is top notch.

It’s funny though, as the only printables I wanted to do were to-do lists, but I haven’t made a single one yet. I want to draw them by hand, so it will take quite a while before I have some ready. I really love to-do lists though, they are great time savers, and I want to let people enjoy my way of planning things. I really hope that they will help out others, so I want to plan them carefully, and make them appealing to as many people as possible.

Right now, I’m just happy with having this up and running. I will continue to create various printables, so keep an eye on my Storenvy, or follow me on Instagram or Tumblr where I always update my creations. I also went and made another Pinterest account only for stuff that I sell, and of course repins of other neat stuff within the same category.

Besides making printables, I finally leveled my Ninja to 70, and Dark Knight will follow soon. I’m also reading more Dante again, and am quite confident, that I’ll complete the book this month. When I get an idea for how to design the ‘find me here’ buttons in the menu here I will change them, because they are just too clunky when there are more than 3 or 4 of them. I have 6 now after adding Tumblr and Storenvy, and I’d also like to add my Pinterest, so yeah, it just looks ugly!

That’s it from me right now. It’s barely noon here, but I want to take the rest of the day off (can I even say that, being early retired and all?). I want to just sit in front of the TV and watch anime and eat unhealthy food for a few hours, maybe read some more Dante, and overall just be lazy. Yep, after what I’ve got done within just a short amount of time, I deserve to pamper myself a little 🙂

Tiny bits of a life