Mushishi – Review

I finally got around to watching the last few episodes of Mushishi, and it was goooood! I’m definitely going to watch Zoku Shou too, but let me review this before I go on to watch more.

Mushishi might not be a series for everyone, but if you’re one of those who are tired of flashy rainbow colors, high pitched voices and fancy soundtracks, you might want to give this a watch. It’s a supernatural series about beings called mushi, which are neither plants, animals or human, but they sure have a huge impact on the world. They can be compared to small ghosts with various abilities, which affect their surroundings in different ways. Not all people can see them, but some of those who can become mushi-shi, who gather information about the beings to better understand them, and also to help the people who get infected by malicious mushi.

One of these mushi-shi is called Ginko, a white haired man with only one eye in the color of teal. While he’s calm and friendly, his past is shrouded in mystery, and not much is known about it, if anything at all. As he wanders to the places he is being called to, he both discovers new mushi, but also treats people for already well-known mushi, making him a person many put their trust in, and sometimes call again when they need further help. He seems mostly interested in gathering information about them, rather than just killing them off though, and since not all people want his help, and instead accept the effects of some mushi, he consents to that too, if it causes no harm to the people around them.

Every episode tells its own little story, and we even get to know small details about Ginko along the way, by either having an episode revolve around his past, or people knowing him from earlier days. While there is no red thread going through all the episodes, it still feels consistent because of Ginko’s way of just wandering from place to place. The happenings do intensify during the last few episodes though, and some loose ends are being tied up.

Mushishi is not only about the mushi though, as the characters introduced in every episode grow on you, and their stories about death, sadness, love and peace play a big part in how Ginko decides to help them. The soothing opening sets a perfect tone for the series, and I actually missed it during the episodes where it was being skipped for more story time. While the colors are toned down, the screen always lightens up when a mushi is around, which make them seem magical and elusive. Everything just fits together in its own kind of way, and it even has its funny little moments.

Give it a try 🙂

SSL or no SSL

See this as some sort up part 2 to the post from yesterday, although it’s a struggle I had today *sigh*

I decided to try and get an SSL certificate, as it’s already included in my hosting plan. Turning it on was easy and of course it worked like a charm, but… And there’s always a BUT(T)! It broke my theme, causing some images to not load. Even in my control panel, I had images not loading, and it pissed me off to say the least. Turning to good old Mr. Google for help, I found a lot of solutions to my problem, of which none of them helped. Not a single one of the many tips and tricks on the net helped me get rid of my issue. I installed SSL plugins, and they did nothing at all. I looked through all my .php files to find wrong paths, but there were none at all. I tried changing the URL in the settings, and… it didn’t even save.

So after a few hours of tumbling through help topics on this issue, while nothing helped at all, I decided to turn off the certificate, delete the plugins, and uploaded some files from my backup just in case. This has now resulted in my site not working in Chrome, at least for me, though I deleted all related cookies. Ugh! So I’ll be using Edge until it settles, and if it doesn’t, I’ll explode like a rocket and go to the moon. I bet the moon has no issues like these.

Anyway, it did make me realize one thing, and it’s that my theme is indeed very heavy on images. I’ve always liked that, especially because it’s so girly. But I do know, that it’s also a major turn-off for some people, so maybe it really is about time I change it? Looking through some themes for WP, I’ve found a few that I like, and don’t require images to work. Simple and pretty themes, that load faster than this one, and wouldn’t cause the SSL issues (though I’d still have to work with the images in the control panel). Now my main problem is my header though…

It’s not hard to see, that I’ve made my header suit the Chocolat theme, and that I make a new one for every post. While this of course looks good with this specific theme, it doesn’t work nearly as well with other themes. Sooo, if I am to change the theme, I need to change the header. All of them! As stated in my previous post, I’m not really up for that… But looking a bit further than to the tip of my own nose, I can see a future in doing so, as it would work well with other themes, should I decide to change again for some reason. Now, this wouldn’t be that big of a problem, if I still had all the images I used to make the headers. Which I don’t… Pffft, I’ve always deleted the images right after making the header, as I didn’t want unneeded stuff flying around.

Okay, so if I am to change them all, I either need to crop away the frame, and see if that works (but they’d be too small, I just KNOW it!), or I’ll have to look for the same images again, or similar ones at least. I’d not mind changing some of them into something better, but it’s still a LOT of work.

Well anyway, I’m not in my best mood right now anymore, so I’ll just be letting out some steam in daily dungeon, and then think about what to do with a hopefully clear mind. Oh, and there’s a Mushishi review scheduled for Sunday. Just a heads-up 🙂

EDIT: I’m already looking for images to replace the headers. I don’t have my own Photos anymore it seems, and some of the other images are too hard to find again. I’m doing my best though, and as soon as I’m done, I’ll start uploading the new and simple image headers.

All the small things

First things first; HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I hope that 2018 will treat you well, and be a good year overall!

And then on to the tiny update. As stated in my last post, I wanted to change a few things that you probably wouldn’t even notice. And so I have.

I started by changing the widgets a little, adding my Tumblr to the lot, while (sadly) removing my Storenvy. As I’ve still not been able to open the shop, I see no reason for it to be in there. I’ve then deleted the widget for donating via Ko-fi, and just placed the button in the ‘Find me here’ widget instead. I think it makes the widgets look a bit cleaner. I also deleted the drop-down menu for Ghosty, because seriously, it’s already linked under ‘Shop’. This de-clutters the menu a little.

I’ve also added something to the menu though; my anime reviews. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, and since one of my New Year’s resolutions is to add at least 10 new reviews this year, I figured that it was about time. Another reason for doing this is because of what I can see in my statistics. Overall, my fun section and anime reviews get the most traffic from Google searches, and of course I’d like to make it easier to find all of my reviews on a single page, should those visitors want to read more.

And last, but not least! I’ve gotten rid of all the Instagram photos linked from my account to this blog. Or, well, I just planted them on here as static photos. I’m sorry for losing out on the videos and slides that were implemented, as I’ve only switched out with the front photo of the slides, and blah. But really, the posts were old, and I doubt it’s going to bother anyone, as long as the main photo is visible. My Instagram accounts for crafting and my little dog are open to the public, so if it DOES bother you, you can always go have a look at the originals.

Oh by the way, did you know, that Instagram is gonna change for the even worse soon… again? They are gonna throw in random images from those your friends are following. So if you follow someone who follows content you don’t like, then pity. Whoa, I hate the service more and more every day. Oh well.

That’s it. Nothing big, but it was still quite time-consuming. I won’t change the layout or colors after all, or at least not anytime soon, as it requires more time than I’m willing to spend on it right now. I just want other stuff done first, but I’m very happy with the small changes I’ve completed now 🙂

(This post was brought to you by automatic posting, because it’s New Year’s, and although I neither drink nor party, I’m probably way too tired to do this today, haha!)

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