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Inktober 2017

Sooo, I’ve decided to join Inktober this year! Not because I want to showcase great art made with ink, because I’m unable to produce something like that, but to get better at traditional media, and maybe get a more steady hand when drawing. I also want to try and be consistent, and hopefully learn from that experience, in order to use the things I learn in other contexts.

I went and read the official 2017 prompt list, and decided to try and stick to it, instead of coming up with stuff myself. Discipline I guess? Anyway, I bought a little package with 4 ink pens in different sizes, and will hopefully have learned how to properly use them by the end of the month. I then grabbed one of the sketchbooks I had lying around and never used, and started sketching my ideas for some of the prompts, as I tend to forget what I had in mind, or change my mind along the way. And it’s sooo hard!

As of right now, I have the first 13 days sketched out, and it took me 3 days to get the ideas. While some prompts are easy, like ‘poison’ for example, I had a really hard time coming up with something for ‘crooked’, and my boyfriend even helped me with ‘teeming’. I have so much work to do still, and this is a hard month for me to find time, because my boyfriend has vacation soon, and he doesn’t want to just sit at the table and wait for me to get done with a drawing. So… I’ll probably have to cheat, and draw the images I need to upload during his vacation beforehand, or else I’ll get stressed too much to do anything.

But hey, I chose Ghosty to be my model every day, which has both advantages and disadvantages. He’s fairly easy and quick to draw, which is the good part, but… the ideas I come up with have to fit into his world, which is the hard part. I usually go for a funny or lighthearted tone when drawing him, putting him into situations that are usually nerdy pop culture or everyday life (for anyone but him). Some of the prompts won’t always let me do that though, so it’s not only the ink that’s a bit darker this month, but also the overall theme. Or at least some times…

Anyway, we’re now 2 days in, so I’ve uploaded 2 images already. Swift and Divided were the first 2 prompts, and I did my best to try and depict them with Ghosty. While ‘swift’ was easy (I luuuuurve the Netflix series The Flash!), I struggled with ‘divided’, and am not 100% happy with the outcome. I won’t be happy with all of them anyway, so this is a feeling I’ll have to get used to during this month.

Okay, enough talk, I have to come up with more ideas as long as I have the time to do so, so yeah. Until next time, which will be a review of Kakegurui 🙂

From my Instagram.
From my Instagram.


Oh my, it’s been 2 weeks already? Although it feels like time is crawling these days, maybe it does fly after all. At least when it comes to my time at the PC… or lack thereof. Well anyway, remember how I wrote about my little ghost in the last post? My plan was to just sketch my ideas, and then vector them when we’re done moving and all… Plans change I guess. I opened up my laptop last week, installed Inkscape, watched a few tutorials to get back into it, and started inking my small drawings. And it was so much fun!

I found out that my old methods were basically shit, because I only worked with shapes back when I created my owls. Rewinding back to the beginning though, I actually started with Paint Studio Pro, but as it was impossible to export the images created there as vector, I decided on Inkscape. I thought I had to use shapes again, as my ghost is basically just, well… a shape. But inking was the far better choice. It’s not as easy as it looks in the tutorials, but I can complete one ghost in 1 – 2 hours, depending on the details in the image. That’s quite nice, and so I finished image number 10 yesterday.

Instead of just revealing all of them at once, I’ve decided to post one image every week. I’m going to use Instagram and Twitter, so please do stop by and follow if you like him. It won’t be boring if you’re a bit nerdy and like games, movies and comics. Pick your platform: Instagram and/or Twitter 🙂
As for prints, it’s gonna be a long wait if you want some. Since I won’t release them all at once, it would be a bit dumb to offer them as prints already.

Also, I don’t even know if anyone is going to like him. Getting images ready for printing takes up a lot of time, and I’m only going to do it if there is some sort of interest. To be honest though, I’d actually like a few buttons and stickers for myself, but ordering 100 of each just to satisfy my own needs is a bit expensive 😀

So please, if you like the idea of a non-scary ghost trying to fit into the modern world, give him a like or follow. Or just peek inside and leave a quick comment. Retweet, repost or share. Everything helps, and a quick click shows support! 🙂